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Zemira Aug 31, 2020 357 views

What is early action for college admissions?

#college #university

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makayla Sep 04, 2020 414 views

whats the best school to get my teaching education

i want to become like a kindergarten teacher or a pre school teacher, but i just don't know what school i want to go to. All i know is i want to go to one of the best, and i want some advice.
#teacher #school #college

James’s Avatar
James Jul 22, 2020 362 views

Where should I go after college to start my wildland firefighting career?

#July2020 #wildland #career #firefighting #college

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Natalie Aug 21, 2018 477 views

There are so many websites where you are given the opportunity to apply for scholarships, but the majority of them involve having to spend 20mins creating an account with every single website in order to start applying and most of them don't even apply to me after I've created my account. Is there a specific website or place where I can look for the best scholarships where there are hundreds of different types?

#scholarships #variety #websites #applying

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justin Sep 18, 2020 286 views

How much do the army make?

#army #money #usa

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Ruby Jul 19, 2020 354 views

What should I do to get a scholarship that will cover my full tuition?#JULY 2020

#admissions #money

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Jessica Jul 08, 2020 277 views

How much do neonatal nurses or just nurses in general make?

Just curious to know how much they make. #nurse #money

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Chan Jul 17, 2020 431 views

Scholarship opportunities for Asian Amercian students

I am looking for scholarship opportunities for for Asian American students studying in graduate program or more specifically for Southeast Asian students. #JULY20 #asianamerican #southeastasian #graduateschool #scholarship

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Ron Jan 16, 2018 682 views

If you are applying to out of state colleges, is it possible to get a citizenship in that state for tuition purposes?

It is just a curious question to ask about selecting colleges and tuition.
#college-advice #college-tuition #college #financial-aid