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What is early action for college admissions?

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2 answers

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Mary’s Answer

Early action is a non-binding consideration to attend a school if accepted.


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Jason’s Answer

You receive an earlier decision (whether you've been accepted or rejected), and you can choose to not take it if you wish. It's not binding as an early action, since you can still opt to go elsewhere. However I do not recommend doing early action just for the sake of getting higher odds if you don't seriously consider going to that college. You might be affecting the scholarships or financial aid or college acceptance of other people. Maybe an early action applicant loves this school, and by applying for it there was one less spot available and they were declined. And then they lose hope and go elsewhere. Do research, visit the campus, and see if it's a good fit for you. If it's good but not necessarily your dream school, you can do choose to do an early action for a couple of these colleges, and do an early decision for your dream colleg.