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Iqra T. Apr 18, 2020 2145 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? college-advice college highschool highschool-advice...


Daniel T.’s Avatar
Daniel T. Aug 04, 2020 558 views

What are jobs that will hire 15 year olds?

I'm looking for a job. It's difficult to find jobs that will hire a 15 year old....


Yew Kin L.’s Avatar
Yew Kin L. Aug 06, 2020 706 views

How to engage in a conversation with a recipient that only gives one-word answers?

I would break the ice when starting conversations with new connections by asking "How have they been coping during the COVID 19 situation?" etc. Many gave me generic answers like, "I'm good, how are you?" (Seems like I'm the only one invested in the conversation) I find it much easier to...

sales conversation networking

luis R.’s Avatar
luis R. Aug 07, 2020 380 views

Where can i have my first job?

I have no prior experience with jobs, I am a quick learner, I am responsible and committed, and i'm also very social. social-work money job...


darshan S.’s Avatar
darshan S. Aug 18, 2020 220 views

What to do after undergraduation

Now I'm pursuing my Bcom, i want to do chartered accountant. But i also wamt to do my post graduation can i do both at one time ? CA charteredaccountant postgraduation...


Naila S.’s Avatar
Naila S. Aug 19, 2020 410 views

What is the hardest decision on deciding on a career?

I love to keep myself occupied and learning....


g L.’s Avatar
g L. Sep 11, 2020 751 views

What does the inactivity fee mean for an M1 finance brokage account

My sister is investing $100 in the stock market but she wants to know if she will get fined if she has $19 or less in her M1 brokage account and has not bought or traded stocks in 90 + days. (This is after the $100 has been spent). marketing finance business accounting financial-accounting...


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Mary J. Sep 12, 2020 283 views

Are there any tips or information that can help me develop different sources of income?

I'm a full-time college student who also works 36+ hours a week, and sometimes you have a lot of bills to pay. Are there any tips or information that can help me develop different sources of income? student college-student everyone students income...