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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Within 40 mile radius
Sphesihle’s Avatar
Sphesihle Jun 20 200 views

What is it like to be a cardiothoracic surgeon?

guys do any if you also know about cardiothoracic surgeons because I want to know more about them and wish was a heart surgeon all i need is information

Divine’s Avatar
Divine May 14, 2021 272 views

Is astronomy oky for me

I don't like thinking hard I like simple things #astronomy

Onam’s Avatar
Onam Jul 25, 2021 273 views

How much do interior designers get paid?

I'm just a curious lil kid tryna figure life out #interior-design

reabetswe’s Avatar
reabetswe Aug 15 92 views

where you would like to see yourself in 5 years time

grade 12,leaving school in 2022,want to study law at univarsity of Pretoria,univarsity of Johannesburg ,witswatersand univarsity and rhodes univarsity.My favourite class is English,Debate and Sesotho.

siyanda’s Avatar
siyanda Aug 29, 2021 228 views

Hi everyone, is medical physics a good career?

Undergraduate second year student, studying toward BSc in physics and chemistry. #medical

Millie’s Avatar
Millie Jul 25 195 views

What do I need to know before becoming a graphic designer?

Are there specific qualifications you need to become a good graphic designer? And besides having a great eye for design, are there any other skills I need to acquire?

kutlwano’s Avatar
kutlwano Feb 06 189 views

what percentage should their pass rate be

Civil enegneering #civil-engineering #career

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Feb 18 245 views

Marine Archaeologist vs. Marine Biologist?

I want to become a marine biologist, but i also want to discover lost civilizations.
What career has both of these career descriptions and what subjects and/or courses should I take?
#environmental-science #marine-biology #biology #archeologist #marine-archeology

asafika’s Avatar
asafika Jun 09, 2021 246 views

Which country has more of a need for dermatologists?

hardworker,and I love to see other people happy ;looking forward for everything that challenges me #doctor #cosmetics #dermatology

Nokwanda Puleng’s Avatar
Nokwanda Puleng Jul 02, 2021 273 views

How to approach companies for internships and entry-level jobs

I am currently doing my Masters in Development Studies and are eagerly looking for internships #research #developmentstudies #graduate #women #NGO

texan’s Avatar
texan Nov 04, 2021 537 views

How Can I Learn Korean?

#korean #Languages #international #foreign-languages

Mbali’s Avatar
Mbali Nov 20, 2021 291 views

How to find job for a student


Adele’s Avatar
Adele Apr 12 131 views

I have a Bed (foundation phase) and am in my final year of BA Phycological counselling . Is there a course that I can do to bring the 2 together as a career?

My dream is to be able to work with a child holistically. I was thinking to do a course in play therapy to bring the two degree together. Any ideas on to put the two together as a career? E.g. I want 1 thing that covers both. To put both degrees on a business card does not explain what it is...

Phemelo’s Avatar
Phemelo Mar 31, 2019 841 views

I am not a creative type but i want to study mechanical engineering am i on a right path?


Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Feb 08 235 views

What can I do now to prepare myself for a future in Marine Biology?

#biology #marine-biology #science #oceanography #oceanconservation

Letlotlo’s Avatar
Letlotlo Mar 28, 2021 332 views

How often will I have to work and how much will I get paid

I am a business management student at private college . During high school I was part of leadership committees for 3 years. I get along with people very easily and able to make lasting connections with people #business management #student #leadership qualities #sociable

Letlotlo’s Avatar
Letlotlo Mar 28, 2021 285 views

Will I need a degree or other qualifications besides matric to qualify for post

I am a business management student at private college. During high school I was part of leadership committees for 3 years. I am sociable individual and I am excellent in planning events #internships #student-development #business management #student #leadershipqualities #part time job

K’s Avatar
K Aug 22, 2021 382 views

What do i need to do in university to become a vet?

I'm homeschooling, so i'll be done with school a lot earlier than the rest of my age group. I want to become a vet, but i have no clue how to become one. I know i need a bachelor's, but i don't know how to get it or how long it will take and i'm looking for a few loopholes, so that i don't need...

moyahabo’s Avatar
moyahabo Jun 29, 2021 179 views

whatcan i be after matric or what to study after doing humanity studies

easy to connect with people and #any negosiative

siyabonga’s Avatar
siyabonga May 31, 2021 216 views

what do i need to be a qualified doctor

#medicine #doctor...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Feb 08 424 views

What subjects should I take to become a Marine Biologist?

#marine-biology #biology #oceanography #oceanconservation #marine-biologist

candice’s Avatar
candice Apr 07, 2021 507 views

can a student get a full-time job?

Very good character with a great personality. Disciplined and respectful. Hard worker and determined. Leader and Team worker. Punctual and prompt. Ambitious and Determined. Hands on and co-operative. Good grammar and communication skills. #career #business #fun #sonogram #artist #fashion...

Costar’s Avatar
Costar Jan 05 210 views

how would you describe your work style

I am a certified project management professional who is looking for a warehouse supervisor position. #management

Costar’s Avatar
Costar Jan 23 276 views

Talk about a time you showed leadership


Elmmie’s Avatar
Elmmie Nov 10, 2021 168 views

Where can I get an internship in South Africa?

I am a very outgoing person who is currently studying psychology and I love music #music #psychology

Linda’s Avatar
Linda Nov 17, 2021 263 views

what are the qualifications needed to become a pilot

#pilot i need help with a career essay for my LO exam.

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Jul 20, 2020 209 views

Character of International Development students

What personal attributes should students in International Development cultivate in order to succeed in their careers?

vusi’s Avatar
vusi Aug 09, 2021 299 views

Where to study to be a general surgeon and how long does it take?

Im understand things slowly #career #doctor #healthcare #surgeon

Reabetswe’s Avatar
Reabetswe Dec 01, 2021 201 views

Is there any piece jobs for students to do, just to raise money for December

#money #career

Anasha’s Avatar
Anasha May 15, 2021 362 views

Where can I get Psychology Internships in Johannesburg when I have a Bachelor's Degree and no experience?

I am highly self-motivated, driven and ambitious. I am flexible and hard working. Yet, I cannot seem to find Psychology Internships or similar in Johannesburg (most are in the Cape) and I do not have any work experience and I will only graduate with a Bachelor's degree. #psychology #career...

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