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Career Questions tagged English Literature

Lainey G.’s Avatar
Lainey G. Jan 16, 2018 390 views

How do I know if there is a demand for high school English teachers?

I am interested in this field of study, but I'm unsure if I can find a job once I english-literature jobdemand...


Anna D.’s Avatar
Anna D. Mar 27, 2018 370 views

How do you get a publisher to look at your book?

I would love to become a published author (think fiction novels), but I do not know what is the right way to get a company to look at my work without hiring an agent. Is the key in your cover letter? If so, how do you write one? Thanks! writer books english-literature...


Amanda N.’s Avatar
Amanda N. Mar 11, 2018 557 views

What influence have the classics had on your understanding of literature?

Interested in further pursuing ancient Greek or Latin, curious as to how deeper study in those areas influences literary perceptions. english-literature classical-studies literature...


Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Feb 10, 2018 1065 views

Tips for surviving bad classes and/or horrible teachers?

I'm open to answers from both fellow students and former students for this question! I'm currently taking a literature class, and I absolutely love it, but that's in regards to all the novels on our reading syllabus being outstanding reads and my own innate passion for literature. When it comes...

student-advice english-literature tips advice bad-teachers books reading class english novels surviving-high-school novel high-school-classes survival academic-english classes writing essays help literature bad-classes book essay student

Jasmine B.’s Avatar
Jasmine B. Jan 19, 2018 321 views

Can Journalism really be a "lead-way" major into publishing?

My counselor knows that I wanted to be a book editor as my final career. However instead of majoring in English, she told me to major in Journalism because English is more for Education? I just wanted to know if I should put English or Journalism or if it matters. journalism...

english english-literature

Kyle W.’s Avatar
Kyle W. Sep 28, 2017 566 views

What opportunities are there available for those interested in linguistics?

I'm interested in language and literature. What sorts of work could I get involved in? english-literature linguistics language literature...


Kyle W.’s Avatar
Kyle W. Sep 28, 2017 390 views

What career options are available for linguistics?

I'm interested in linguistics, writing, and literature. What sorts of work could I get into?...


W. C. Y.’s Avatar
W. C. Y. Mar 24, 2017 788 views

Is there any suggestions if I hope to become a writer?

What can I do to improve my writing skill? I understand that I would need to read and write more but is there any other methods which would help me to become a better writer? writer writing author english english-literature books personal-development...


Luka G.’s Avatar
Luka G. Feb 17, 2017 1349 views

What's the difference between IB Literature SL and IB Language and Literature SL? Which one do colleges value higher?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I want to pursue the IB diploma. I was wondering to what is the main difference between IB Literature SL and IB Language and Literature SL, which one do colleges value higher, and is one harder than the other? college english language courses literature...

ib-diploma english-literature

Evan C.’s Avatar
Evan C. May 24, 2016 690 views

Is it easier to get your own book published or to become a journalist for a newspaper/magazine?

I'm really conflicted about what I want to do in regards to my career. Like, the broad idea is pursue an occupation in the writing field, but I just wanted some advice over which one is considered easier. journalism writing english literature...


Lindsay G.’s Avatar
Lindsay G. May 19, 2016 1072 views

How does a PhD program work as opposed to a Masters program? What does it entail?

Hi, I'm an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Spanish Translation & Interpretation and I'm interested in pursuing a Doctorate after I graduate. However, I've heard a number of different explanations of what a PhD program entails and I am honestly so...

professor college english-literature graduate-school masters phd

Kelly L.’s Avatar
Kelly L. May 18, 2016 675 views

Do you feel that we as graduates fit your qualifications upon completion of college? Is there areas you see that needs to improve.?

I am currently working on an essay for my english 101 and wonder what your feelings on todays liberal education in our school system and seeing if we are not reaching your qualifications. career-counseling school-counseling...