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What is consider an English class in college?

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Somkid,
The English 101 in college will instruct you to obey the rules of grammar and spelling. But English came from around the world when Britain was conquering for their empire. As a result, all those rules aren't 100% correct. The language can be difficult to learn because so many words have to be memorized how to spell and pronounced. But since World War 11, the American version has been the official language at the United Nations. I would suggest that you read classic English books, and speak English with your friends and family members. Also, you could read Marvel comic books, local newspapers and national magazines at your library. You might enjoy reading the blogs on the social network. Good luck, Mark

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Susan’s Answer

Hi, Somkid,

To add to what Mark has already mentioned above, if you are talking about the types of English classes you can take at the college level, there are generally various courses in both English composition/writing and literature to complete a major or minor or to complete a requirement. These might include courses on poetry, literature from various time periods (19th century, Renaissance, to name a couple, but there are many), poetry, rhetoric, essays, creative writing, media writing, journalism, British Literature, American Literature, African-American Literature, plays, linguistics, film, and even entire courses on a particular writer or author (for example, Shakespeare or Chaucer) and many others. Depending on the course or path of study you choose, there might also be internships of some kind.

I hope this helps -- good luck!

It surely did. Thank You. somkid L.