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Latianna M. Jun 10, 2015 812 views

How easy is it to find a job in being a director ?

I am Latianna Miller I am a student at hudson high school and i was wondering if its hard or easy to find a job in being a director #film #artist #director #cinematography #directing...


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Emily R. Jun 24, 2015 839 views

what can I do to become part of the acting industry

I'm an 11th grader at Abraham Lincoln High School 16 yrs old and I had just realized one of my passions is acting. I was wondering what I could do to start that as a small career. I'd like to start off small and once as I get older be on tv or on a minor role on a big hit movie. what should I...

#money #film #acting-in-tv #television

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Hot C. Sep 02, 2015 730 views

What Californian colleges are the best fit to give Majors on Cinematography and Film design?

I aspire to study and eventually become a screenwriter/producer/ and cinematographer later in life. I find it best to find a wide range of cinematic horizons before I enter college and declare, or at least decide on a solid major. #film #cinematography #screenwriting...


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Student Voices by CV .. Nov 06, 2015 873 views

How long before the college application deadlines should I ask my teachers for a letter of recommendation?

This question was asked by a high school junior who knows college application deadlines are approaching for the seniors of her school. She wants to get a jump on her letters of recommendation, and she wants to know how soon is too soon for the request. She's interested in pursuing an english...

#college-applications #college #publishing #college-advising #online-publishing #english

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Andres Z. Mar 01, 2016 732 views

How can i get started as a filmmaker in my community

I don't plan on going to film school so I want to gain on the job experience and start now as a 16 year old. #film #director #video #movie...


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Ebince R. Apr 26, 2016 856 views

How to improve the english grammer?

Hai ! i am Ebince.I am studying 9th standard . English grammar is very important for all student. I like this english grammar. How to understand the english grammar? How to improve my Grammar skills? #teaching #teacher...

#english-grammar #professor #english

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Anina H. Apr 27, 2016 599 views

What kind of job can I realistically get with a PhD in english?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior and also an intern at CareerVillage. I know that a lot of students are thinking about social science careers (to me, it's so weird how so many people at my school don't want anything to do with science or STEM careers!). But I've also noticed...

#social-science-phd #phd #english #social-sciences #humanities

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vinay kanth K. May 03, 2016 891 views
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Jenny L. May 09, 2016 911 views

How do I start my acting career?

Since I want my career to be acting in TV Shows & films, where do I...

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Mario B. May 11, 2016 646 views

I want to establish myself as a writer after college. What might be a viable means of getting my work out there, building my name, etc?

I am an English Major. Although I don't expect to make a quick career out of writing, my wish is to write long after my education is done. #teacher #writing #english #writer...


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Kara G. May 13, 2016 474 views

What is a description of the lifestyle and typical workday for an editor at a publishing company?

I want to be an editor, and would love to learn about what it is like to work as an editor for a publishing company. I am aware that many of the major publishing companies are located in New York City, so I am interested in learning more about life as an editor in New York! #english #editing...

#text-editing #story-editing #editor #english-grammar #publishing #lifestyle

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Kamryn M. May 13, 2016 815 views

How easy is it to break into the film industry as one a female and two an Asian?

I am currently on the track of being a film student, and when I graduate I would like to get a job working for a film industry. However I would like to know hard much of a challenge it will be. #art #film #movies #cinematography #camera...


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Timothy C. May 14, 2016 431 views

How important is college to one who is pursuing a career in literature?

Some writers write great things even though they don't necessarily have a higher education #college #english...


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Gabrielle P. May 16, 2016 469 views

What type of jobs are available for a film studies major after graduating?

I'm majoring in film and I'm interested in being a screenwriter or director. #film...


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Gabrielle P. May 16, 2016 696 views

How difficult is it to obtain a major in film and media?

I'm majoring in film studies. #film...