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Alexis G. Jan 24, 2018 562 views
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Ursula G. Apr 10, 2017 587 views

How to manage money while in college?

I'm a college student and I find myself running out of money frequently. I try to stay on a budget, but sometimes I need to go over it. Do you have any tips in how to manage money in a small budget? #student-loans #editing #video-editing #post-production #motion-pictures...


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Ursula G. Apr 07, 2017 528 views

How to find summer jobs?

I want to be an Editor and I wanted to get a job as a trainee or second assistant during the summer so I could gain more experience and get to know more people in the industry. But I can't seem to find any job ads in this area. Would it be appropriate to call/e-mail some Post-production houses...

#summer-jobs #post-production #video-editing #editor #motion-pictures

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Ursula G. Apr 03, 2017 661 views

How to get work expirience in my area of study while I'm still studying?

Hi, I'm a Motion Picture Arts student, I want to pursue a career in editing, I have no experience in this area beside from university and my own projects. My plan is to try to have a membership at IATSE 891, to do that I have to first become a Permittee. Last week I went to a career fair at my...

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