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Hunter S. Mar 27, 2018 250 views

What is the best way to save while in college?

During college I hope to graduate debt free, but what are some ways I will be able to actually save while in college. What is a good job that would help me gain experience for a business management major? #college-major #money-management...


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Braden W. Mar 04, 2018 363 views

How can I become a mature ideological individual who knows what it truly going on in politics today? #USA #Politics #RorD

I want to know what's truly going on in the world today. I would like to know more about American policies. I am ignorant to U.S. laws as well as loopholes. I wish to become a successful adult and educated citizen. #knowledge #is #power #taxbrackets...


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Kisan C. Jan 17, 2018 462 views
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Ursula G. Apr 10, 2017 605 views

How to manage money while in college?

I'm a college student and I find myself running out of money frequently. I try to stay on a budget, but sometimes I need to go over it. Do you have any tips in how to manage money in a small budget? #student-loans #editing #video-editing #post-production #motion-pictures...