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What can I do to start my career?

I want to become a writer for Netflix, and I want to know the steps it takes to achieve my dream

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Okay, Dylan, since Cindy Holland usually buys the TV shows or movies, you should look around for the producers seeking a writer, the cast and the crew.
You could pay for the websites of Studio 32, Inktip and ISA. Often the genres are teenage dramas or crime thrillers. So why not write a 44-minute story about a daily conflict which you and your friends deal with. Of course, pay $9.99 for a month to watch what's available and popular on the Netflix library. Good luck, Mark Wagner
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Nicole Lucas’s Answer

Hi Dylan,

I would identify the genre you want to work in. Then identify the producers and the shows you find inspiring. Write those producers, and let them know about your enthusiasm for their work and find out if they would be willing to do any of the following: read a spec script, hire you as an intern in their writers room, or meet with you for 15 minutes for an advice session. Though this may sound really corny, get a copy of "What Color Is Your Parachute," a book that is very helpful about finding work and figuring out who you are as a person.