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how to become better in French? i have all the basics, grammar and vocabulary, but i find it difficult when it comes to understand spoken french.

I am highly interested in learning french, i want to know the best way to become better with conversations (understanding spoken language). #english #literature #french

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3 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

I majored in a foreign language and one of the best ways to get better in understanding or being better at speaking the language is by listening to conversations of that particular language. This can be done by watching movies in that particular language. What also helps is having a studying partner from your class and practice having conversations with them. Reading easy french articles online also helps as well.

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Alice’s Answer

Hi Kais,

A good way to better understand it would be to watch French videos (movies, TV shows, TV News). It will help you to get used to hearing the language.
Here is a good website where you can find videos in French, whether you're a beginner or advanced French speaker.
You can also start listening to podcasts in French, from the French radio France Culture for example.
The more you watch/listen, the more you'll understand spoken French.
Good luck!

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Kais,
Studying the French language is a good way to start learning the words, pronunciation, spelling and grammar. Next, read your favorite books which were written in French. Also, watch and listen to the videos produced in French. If possible, chat with a friend at a cafe in French. Best luck, Mark