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Career Questions tagged Essays

Shana’s Avatar
Shana May 11 41 views

How can I make my PIQ responses stand out?

I'm thinking about college essays and I'm unsure of how to respond to the prompts in a creative and unique manner. Are there any repetitive and predictable responses I should avoid?

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 09 222 views

What advice could you give to students who are writing essays and applications for competitive summer programs?

How should a student approach an essay question? How do we decide on content and structure? When should we be satisfied with our essay? What makes an essay impressive?

Destney’s Avatar
Destney Sep 27, 2018 603 views

Should I base my decision to attend college based on how much I can pay for it?

#college #college-advice #finance #money #professor #money #essays #admissions #decisions

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Aug 11, 2018 430 views

How do students manage to do the 20 or even 30 page papers? Is there a specific format or advice that will help others?

The longest paper I've done in high school is a 15 page paper without the references, and it was pretty hard to do. I can't imagine doing a 20 plus page paper. This goes back to the question: How do students manage to do the 20 or even 30 page papers? Is there a specific format or advice that...

Zayda’s Avatar
Zayda Mar 27, 2018 1064 views

What are the best tips you can give for writing a college essay?

#tips #Essays #college #college-recruiting

Bryce’s Avatar
Bryce Mar 24, 2018 853 views

For college application essays, is content or structure and formatting more important?

Many applications give you options on essays. Some choices seem ideal with my writing style that I could write them with good formatting, but other topics I feel as if the content I put into it would help me stand out, but may not be quite as structured. ##essays #writing #writing-and-editing...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Feb 10, 2018 1511 views

Tips for surviving bad classes and/or horrible teachers?

I'm open to answers from both fellow students and former students for this question! I'm currently taking a literature class, and I absolutely love it, but that's in regards to all the novels on our reading syllabus being outstanding reads and my own innate passion for literature. When it comes...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jan 29, 2018 437 views

How to write applications essay?

I've been having trouble with writing the introductory part of application essays and I've been needing some help with them. #essays

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jan 19, 2018 668 views

What are tips to avoid distractions?

I am not very socially outgoing, but I have a hard time doing #homework and #essays when I have a fun #book and plenty to read that is not in relation to my classes. I need to find a way to #stop reading so much and start #focusing on my #school