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How do students manage to do the 20 or even 30 page papers? Is there a specific format or advice that will help others?

The longest paper I've done in high school is a 15 page paper without the references, and it was pretty hard to do. I can't imagine doing a 20 plus page paper. This goes back to the question: How do students manage to do the 20 or even 30 page papers? Is there a specific format or advice that will help others? #college #essays

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2 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

Hi Alexandra!

I had to write many research papers in college as part of my Psychology degree, and they can be intimidating. I would also recommend that you identify your theme or main topic first.

From there, you'll often need sources (unless it is solely fiction/opinion based). I would identify sources at my college's library (in person and online) and review them to pull out they key points and details to provide context and affirm my theme.

Next, you'll take that information and build out the order in which you want to introduce the information and support it before coming to your conclusion.

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

Determine your theme
Identify Sources
Review the sources to gather all relevant information
Determine how to use that information in an order that makes sense
Make sure that you are citing your sources once the paper is complete
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Michelle’s Answer

Hi, Alexandra R. I do not exactly recall what my largest term paper ever was, but in college I did write and type on a typewriter a three act play . My college had numerous and lengthy term paper requirements also, so I was always writing.

My advice would be to initially begin work on your long paper the same day it is assigned. See how much you get done the first day. Dedicate an allotted amount of time each day to writing it. The time can be whatever you choose and when you're most inspired. You can hand write some of it and than type the portions later. Hopefully, it will be on a subject that you like and also will serve in familiarizing your professor with something new or new ideas. (If you get to choose the topic).

First, be sure of your theme. You can than chart out your beginning, middle and end (conclusion). It won't seem any different than the papers you've already written except that you will elaborate more in a 20 page paper. The best part will be if you have a decent amount of time before it is due. The paper I stressed out the most was for a History of Philosophy course. I ended up getting an A on it anyway. So spare yourself any worry and enjoy the writing process.

Best wishes to you in your future plans !

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Begin writing the paper the same day it is assigned.
Dedicate a time slot each day for writing the paper.
Choose a subject, theme and chart out the beginning, middle and end.
Remain calm and enjoy the research and writing experience.