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Career Questions tagged Graphic Design

Alexandra M.’s Avatar
Alexandra M. Jun 03 76 views

What do people look for in a graphic designer?

I want to know what kinds of skills/qualifications employers look for when hiring a graphic designer.

Christopher J.’s Avatar
Christopher J. May 26 106 views

Is becoming an Art Director a difficult task, where do I start, and where can it lead to?

I understand this quite the layered question, but I am greatly interested in the field of Art Direction. I would love some examples and clarity on how and where this career can take me. I do appreciate art in all forms and I believe it can come in a multitude of forms, given the subjective...

Amelia S.’s Avatar
Amelia S. May 25 75 views

How do designers translate the initial idea of a product into a functional product?

I do not understand how the design turns into a final physical product.

Kharri B.’s Avatar
Kharri B. May 24 108 views

How do I price services as a small business?

I am a college student going into her sophomore year. I've decided to rebrand the graphic design business I started in high school. I left it alone for a bit to focus on school. I'm having a bit of an issue with pricing. I've made and have been paid to do people's logos before but I want to...

Brandon T.’s Avatar
Brandon T. May 17 74 views

What do I need to do to become a videogame animator

I am a Freshman and have a good understanding on videogame designing, however; I want to know what to do on how to make cut scenes, movement and attacking animations, ect. I know how to code it into the game just don't know if I should take animation, 3d-animation or something else

Tahgie B.’s Avatar
Tahgie B. May 03 150 views

Where Yo Swag @?

If You're a fashion designer how long did it take you to really start making wearable pieces.? And when did you get your first purchase.? If you're a video or photography what was your longest project and how long did it take you? & when did you start making money for your visuals?

Computer 2.’s Avatar
Computer 2. May 03 126 views

How much time do you have to work while being a film and video editor.

Please answer.

smith M.’s Avatar
smith M. Apr 01 78 views

What are some good colleges to check out that could help educate me in computer science, software engineering, 2D and 3D animation, programming languages and computer design

I'm looking for colleges for my future so I can become a video game designer so any suggestions are very helpful.

Cassandra C.’s Avatar
Cassandra C. Mar 03 147 views

Are most graphic design jobs through designing magazines? Or are there other types of jobs that are popular to go with graphic design?

#graphic-design #art #design #career

Cassandra C.’s Avatar
Cassandra C. Mar 02 167 views

Where is the highest hire area in the US to get hired for Graphic Design?

#graphic-design #art #career #web-design #design

Cassandra C.’s Avatar
Cassandra C. Mar 02 104 views

What are some good companies that take in people who have graphic design majors

#graphic-design #art

Hope L.’s Avatar
Hope L. Mar 02 173 views

What should I expect in a graphic design career?

#graphic-design #web-design #career #design

Cassandra C.’s Avatar
Cassandra C. Mar 02 153 views

What are some of the major projects you'll work on in Graphic Design companies

#graphic-design #art #design

Hope L.’s Avatar
Hope L. Mar 02 130 views

What is the hardest part of being a graphic designer?

#design #graphic-design #computer

Hope L.’s Avatar
Hope L. Mar 02 188 views

What degree do I need to be a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #design #art

Josh N.’s Avatar
Josh N. Feb 09 204 views

I want to become a graphic designer and would like to know what design softwares you find yourself using? Is it mainly the adobe products, illustrator, and photoshop? Or do you find yourself using other softwares if so which?

#graphic-design #design

Marcela M.’s Avatar
Marcela M. Jan 02 211 views

Advice for a Graphic Design Students

Hello! I've enrolled in San Diego City College's Graphic Design Program and will be returning to school this spring after a 4-year hiatus. I'm currently studying Adobe CC training videos independently and building up my portfolio. What advice would you give new graphic design students and what...

haya A.’s Avatar
haya A. Dec 03, 2021 241 views

what are the course selections should I choose if I want to apply for interior design degree

I'm an Ib student
#interior-design #design #graphic-design #graphic-design #college-major #college

Andres A.’s Avatar
Andres A. Dec 01, 2021 667 views

What is the average salary of a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #salary #design #designer #salary-for-graphic-designer

Bryan C.’s Avatar
Bryan C. Nov 13, 2021 558 views

What are the pros and cons to being a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #design #art #computer

Angel L.’s Avatar
Angel L. Nov 08, 2021 138 views

It's Graphic Designer hard to find jobs?


Adam Y.’s Avatar
Adam Y. Nov 08, 2021 149 views

How high is the demand for Graphic Designers?

What is they pay and is this job wanted in our times #graphic-design

Andres A.’s Avatar
Andres A. Nov 08, 2021 206 views

What should you major in if you are interested in video editing and graphic design.

#graphic-designer #graphic-design #video-editing #editing

Jason B.’s Avatar
Jason B. Nov 08, 2021 372 views

what is the process of becoming a professional graphics designer.

#art #design #graphic-designer #computer #graphic-design

Bryan C.’s Avatar
Bryan C. Nov 08, 2021 183 views

Is going to community college and transferring to a university a good option?

I want to become a graphic designer but I also do not want to spend too much money on college and education. #graphic-design #college #design

Bryan C.’s Avatar
Bryan C. Nov 03, 2021 203 views

What can I do to work up to a job as a graphic designer at somewhere like a major company?

#graphic-design #graphic-designer #design

bryce H.’s Avatar
bryce H. Nov 02, 2021 281 views

What are the risks to becoming an entrepreneur?

- Likes to edit
- Social media "influencer"
- Into crypto
#social-media #networking #graphic-design

Angel L.’s Avatar
Angel L. Nov 02, 2021 183 views

Can you tall me something about Graphic Designer?

Like what app you use and what things you use, what you do. #graphic-design

Taiyon W.’s Avatar
Taiyon W. Nov 02, 2021 166 views

how do you start a online job

#design #entrepreneur #investment-banking #graphic-design #interior-design

Eleazar M.’s Avatar
Eleazar M. Nov 01, 2021 194 views

What job would be most fitting for me that would pay enough to live comfortably?

I am a senior in high school, currently dual enrolled into a college for a Graphic Design program, but I also want to be a photographer. If I do persue graphic design or photography what would be the best thing to do after I graduate? #graphic-design #photography #computer