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Career Questions tagged Graphic Design

Jamie J.’s Avatar
Jamie J. 2 days ago 92 views

How necessary is it to get a college degree for web development or UI/UX design?

I am a current high school senior considering whether or not I want to dedicate four year’s time and go into debt for a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in design. I am hoping to get online certificates and take online courses instead as I’ve heard the computer science/design...

#user-experience #uxdesign #uidesign #design #technology #computer #web-development #computer-science #graphic-design

Marla S.’s Avatar
Marla S. Mar 15, 2020 297 views
Roger P.’s Avatar
Roger P. Aug 26 70 views

What are some simple jobs that I could have, (before I start/finish college) that have to do with graphic design?

So I'm looking for an entry-level job that has to do with graphic design. I don't know what jobs I should be looking for. I probably want to be a motion graphic designer, so if there's a simple job related to that somehow that would be preferable. Thanks for the future responses....

#art #graphic-designer #graphic-design #design #computer

Tamia E.’s Avatar
Tamia E. Jul 28 90 views

What can I do to learn more about computers and design?

I want to do something in the future that has to do with programming and design, maybe animation? I don't know, but I want to do something creative and I want to do it with computers. I have no idea where to start. I am going into my senior year in high school and I still no nothing about...

#graphic-design #computer #animation #design

Mandy Y.’s Avatar
Mandy Y. Jul 07 104 views

What are the requirements in a marketing job/career?

I am interested in marketing and have some experience in video editing and graphic design. #marketing #advertising...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Jul 01 120 views

What equipment does a graphic designer use?

I currently go to high school and want to become either an architect or graphic designer. I want to know more about the tech requirements. #graphic-design #design #highschool #art...


Malik B.’s Avatar
Malik B. Jun 28 123 views

What steps can I take to excel in design?

I'm very creative and use imagery to get a bigger message across...


Jaylen W.’s Avatar
Jaylen W. Jun 25 97 views
Ratul S.’s Avatar
Ratul S. Jun 23 99 views

How can I be a UI & UX designer or graphic designer?

I'm a 2nd year computer science engineer student and I have interest in this field but don't know where to start? #graphic-design #computer...


Daniel R.’s Avatar
Daniel R. Jun 20 87 views

How can I make sure i set the right steps in order to reach my career goal which is to be a graphic designer

Hey! I am 20 years old and I like to graphic design on my free time, I mainly do it because I like to make mock ups for my brand I am building and it is very fun to challenge myself to make something different, #graphic-design #career #design unique, or aesthetically...

Ayaan Y.’s Avatar
Ayaan Y. Jun 13 79 views

What is it like to be the producer of an anime or popular animated series, and how do you achieve this?

I want to create an anime or animated series in the future, one to be known by all. I love to draw and I am fluent in other mediums in art, like sculpting. And I want to know how do I become a famous well known artist. #art #artist #graphic-design #animatedseries...


Melanie C.’s Avatar
Melanie C. Jun 09 81 views

What do I need to do to become a Graphic Designer?

I have just graduated from college with an Associate Degree in animation and motion graphics, but I love to create graphic designs since it gives me more passion. #graphic-design #design...


chelsea R.’s Avatar
chelsea R. Jun 08 85 views

What should be my first steps in getting myself into the entertainment industry?

I enjoy most things relating to the arts and entertainment, like fashion design, acting, film making/producing, songwriting, computer editing, etc... I also enjoy making content where I can try and make people laugh. I can easily think of creative ideas to help in most situations. Any ideas of...

#art #entertainment #fashion-design #photography #acting #graphic-design #arts

Adrika H.’s Avatar
Adrika H. Jun 07 127 views

What should I include in a college admissions portfolio for communications/graphic design?

I am going to be applying to colleges in NYC for communications/graphic design. What mediums should I include? What skills should I showcase in my portfolio? #design #graphic-design #college #portfolio...


Spencer T.’s Avatar
Spencer T. Jun 02 96 views

What programs are most favorable when becoming a graphic designer?

What are the best programs to when working as a graphic/digital designer? #graphic-design #graphics...


Debora V.’s Avatar
Debora V. May 09 94 views

Job ideas for artist designer?

I a self-taught Artist and recently earned a Digital Media Graphic Design AS degree. I'm 35 yrs old and I have done many jobs in my lifetime but need guidance finding careers that fit my interest, abilities, and field of study. Thanks #graphic-design #artist #graphics...


Grace M.’s Avatar
Grace M. Apr 19 215 views

How do I get a job in graphic design that focuses more on illustration?

I am in my third year of college with a major in graphic design and a minor in marketing. I would like to focus more on digital illustration rather than logo or web design. How would I go about presenting myself to a prospective job? What should I expect from the work environment? What will the...

#graphic-design #adobeprograms #illustrator #graphic-designer

sriram R.’s Avatar
sriram R. Apr 18 111 views

career selection| software |graphic | computers

im interested in the side of computers like software , coding , graphic desginig animation and etc.. please say me what to and how to do , also my parents are insisting to go to civil services(in india) please help me in this #graphic-design...


Julz L.’s Avatar
Julz L. Apr 16 141 views
Ryan B.’s Avatar
Ryan B. Mar 29 119 views

Are there any artistry schools I can go to after graduating from high school?

When I grow up, I would like to become a graphic designer, animator, and professional artist. I am currently in 11th grade; I will be graduating from school after 12th grade. I currently make a living drawing artwork and posting it online; my interests include, among other things, art,...

#artwork #art #animation #graphic-design #artistry

Damarion H.’s Avatar
Damarion H. Mar 15 100 views

What are some steps to better your art work?

I'm a student looking to major in graphic design, but also I'm looking to better my skills in art. ways of improving my skills within challenging myself. #graphic-design...