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Jersey S. Dec 03, 2020 74 views

Why Design?

Hi! I just want to ask all of you designers out there, "why did you choose design?". Why did you choose it as a career path? I have always loved design but when a person asks me why I chose it, I seem to have the answer but it's stuck at the back of my mind. I am hoping to have some insights so...

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Jersey S. Nov 16, 2020 91 views

How is the life as a graphic designer? Specifically in areas of package, web or ux design??

I am pursuing graphic design in post-secondary. I am contemplating whether I should focus on package, web, or user experience design. Although, I am kind of leaning more towards user experience so any insights on how is it look would be really appreciated. Thanks! #web-design #graphics...

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Cullen H. Nov 10, 2020 85 views

I need some help finding an art collage.

I'm a junior in high school and I enjoy drawing characters and coming up with concepts for people/amour/weapons/robots. my dream is to create, animate, and rig 3D models and do something with it. In all i'm searching for a good collage for graphic design and rigging. #graphic-design #art...


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Karen G. Oct 17, 2020 83 views
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nerissa H. Jun 19, 2020 873 views
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Caireen S. Jun 19, 2020 144 views
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Marie E. May 12, 2020 155 views

what is a good way to get your modeling picture to a person who does that kind of stuff

Many told me I am pretty and beautiful and gorgeous (I have a hard time believing them) But I would love to model #art #design #fashion #photograph...


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Reagan M. Apr 28, 2020 183 views
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Younes E. Mar 30, 2020 468 views

How to be come a UI/UX designer coming an engineering background ?

I'm a computer science engineering student .who is turning to UI/UX design as self-thought . #design #graphic-design #engineering...