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nerissa H. Jun 19 71 views

As a graphic designer what are your strengths/weaknesses and how do you deal with them ?

as a person who draws rarely and not consistently, I suffer from constant art blocks. #art...


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Caireen S. Jun 19 122 views
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Marie E. May 12 128 views

what is a good way to get your modeling picture to a person who does that kind of stuff

Many told me I am pretty and beautiful and gorgeous (I have a hard time believing them) But I would love to model #art #design #fashion #photograph...


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Reagan M. Apr 28 156 views
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Younes E. Mar 30 161 views

How to be come a UI/UX designer coming an engineering background ?

I'm a computer science engineering student .who is turning to UI/UX design as self-thought . #design #graphic-design #engineering...


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Abhay A. Mar 25 124 views

What sorts of jobs are available in the IT Field that can be accomplished by working at home

I'm interested in the following fields of work: Graphic Design Responsive Web Development Game character Design Game Level Design Animation Modeling #video-games #graphic-design...


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Marla S. Mar 15 124 views

Graphic Design

How do I start a portfolio...


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Aun M. Feb 23 240 views

Does one need to be good at drawing to pursue a career in graphic design?

Even though I don't plan on pursuing a career in the graphic design field, this has always been a question of curiosity. I'm taking a communications technology course where we look at graphic design, and our teacher said that you don't need to know how to draw at all. Rather, you just need to...

#career #art #design #graphic-design #graphic-designer

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Jersey S. Feb 20 209 views

What should I do to get into the graphic design world?

I'm a student in 11th grade and I was wondering what skills should I improve on, certificates to get into, or any tasks I should do to increase my chances in getting into the graphic design world? Also, what should I include in my portfolio? #graphic-design #art #design...


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Zhilun Y. Jan 17 154 views
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Joselyn G. Jan 07 149 views

how do I choose a program in College?

Hi, I am currently attending a tech school for liberal arts and I Change my mind every day on the career I want to peruse #graphic-design #art #career #college #research , I started with dental hygiene and then social work and then special education and then graphic communication and graphic...

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Jess M. Dec 10, 2019 151 views

If I want to get into fashion design, what would be the best first few steps?

I’m 17, and I’m just curious because I love thinking about outfits. I just would like to know some of the first steps to make my ideas into reality. #fashion #fashion #fashion-design #graphic-design #design #marketing #business #art...