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Are In-progress Project Pictures Good for my Portfolio?

I’m a fine arts major that doesn’t have many works under my belt. I would like to build a portfolio for internships and art related jobs (temporary). Is it advisable to add some pages of inspiration or progress pictures of my project if I don’t have many finish art pieces? #portfolio...



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Active Aug 22 '18 at 02:40 AM

2 answers

Posted by Tee A.’s Avatar Tee A.
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Ellen Rosenthal | Retired Art Teacher Dear Tee:This is a really good question, and in my opinion, ...

How can I begin building a writing portfolio for future jobs and internships I would like to apply to?

I am currently a Writing and Journalism major and am unsure as to how to begin building a portfolio for the future. I would like to know how I would begin a process like this and if there's a way I can show my own legitimate writing to professionals when I am still a student. #writing...

#portfolio #professional-writing #writing-and-editing #journalism


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Active Apr 22 '18 at 10:54 AM

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Posted by Nicole M.’s Avatar Nicole M.
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Stefania Revelli | Editor/Marketing Professional/Career Coach Hi Nicole!Building a portfolio of writing samples is a great idea. ...

How do I create my first Portfolio?

Hello, I wanted to know what should be included in my first portfolio? More specifically a portfolio for my artwork. I am not positive on a specific Job to build my portfolio around yet but some of the career paths that I am interested in relate to concept art for video games/movies,...

#career-advice #artist #career #career-choice #portfolio-management #portfolio #concept-design #artist-portfolio #job-application #career-details


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Active Aug 15 '17 at 12:51 PM

2 answers

Posted by Timothy G.’s Avatar Timothy G.
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Ron Becker | CTRS & Professional Artist Dear Timothy, You want to present your art work in a ...

How can I create my personal brand?

What are things that I can do to help create my brand? Will creating a career portfolio help with personal branding? #career #career-development #personal-branding #portfolio...



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Active Nov 14 '18 at 11:23 AM

5 answers

Posted by Mounia M.’s Avatar Mounia M.
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Adam Brittain | Senior Value Manager at Workday For me, my personal brand has to do with how I ...

Should College or School be my only place to do designing projects? Or should I practice during my off time? If yes, what kind of projects should I practice doing?

A question I had before majoring in Graphic Design. I am sure alot of highschool or college students interested in GD will be asking a similar question to this. #graphic-design #animation #illustrator #photoshop #indesign #portfolio...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:50 PM

4 answers

Posted by Zainab S.’s Avatar Zainab S.
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Kathy Anderson | Freelance Animator/ Illustrator Oh my gosh, YES! If you're really interested in graphic design ...

Is it exceptional to display a portfolio of your skills on your personally made website?

I have heard that creating your own website is quite exceptional, so I was wondering what are the key points people get for being able to accomplish this task. #skills #portfolio #website-creation #personal-development...



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Active Aug 15 '17 at 12:48 PM

2 answers

Posted by Gloria S.’s Avatar Gloria S.
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John Combs | Staff TechOps Engineer at VMware While it might be exceptional, it is not out of the ...

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