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How can I begin building a writing portfolio for future jobs and internships I would like to apply to?

Updated Chicago, Illinois

I am currently a Writing and Journalism major and am unsure as to how to begin building a portfolio for the future. I would like to know how I would begin a process like this and if there's a way I can show my own legitimate writing to professionals when I am still a student. #writing #professional-writing #writing-and-editing #portfolio #journalism

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Stefania’s Answer

Updated Skippack, Pennsylvania

Hi Nicole!

Building a portfolio of writing samples is a great idea. There are a few ways you can do this. First, if you are a lover of words, you probably write on your own. Take some time to write a few mock articles or points of view on trends that you are passionate about. Writing on your own and creating original content is always a good way to sample your own writing.

If you have a blog, that's another wonderful way to archive your writing. If you have thoughts or new angles on existing news and trends or areas you are passionate, write them up. Think about writing projects you've done for school projects that you are most proud of as well. Your portfolio will also depend on your target audience. If you are going for a blog -based marketing position, showing up with a case full of academic papers will not be the best way to showcase you are right for the position.

Here are a few sites that enable you to create online portfolios too:



Best of luck to you!

Stefania recommends the following next steps:

  • Dig up school write-ups you are most proud of.
  • Start a blog. Write about areas you are passionate about.
  • Visit online portfolio builders (suggested top ones on links above)