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What should I include in a college admissions portfolio for communications/graphic design?

I am going to be applying to colleges in NYC for communications/graphic design. What mediums should I include? What skills should I showcase in my portfolio? design graphic-design college portfolio college-advice

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2 answers

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Nawon’s Answer

Hi Adrika,

Your portfolio should showcase a broad range of skills, as well as your personal style and creativity. I would personally recommend aiming for breadth, so experiment with different mediums (drawing, painting, animation, sculpture, mixed media, video..), types of work (still life, figure, landscape...), ideas, inspirations, etc! I would also include a page of your sketchbook as well, to show colleges your thought processes and more experimental work.

For more ideas, check out accepted high school art portfolios online or on YouTube! Also keep in mind that depending on which schools you are applying to, there may be different specific design challenges or portfolio requirements, so prepare your portfolio accordingly.

Hope this helps!
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Marc’s Answer

Totally agree with the other answer provided. I would also double check the university website for required materials or contact the admissions department, they may be able to provide clarity on this or connect you with others that may be able to help more.

I also recommend doing some research on the various design disciplines; graphic design, web design, brand design, etc. Understanding these can help you get ultra focused in what you want to do and classes to take later on.