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As an aspiring film editor, how do I build my portfolio so people actually know that I can edit?

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Jerome’s Answer

A few approaches you may want to consider:
- Put together what we used to call (in the olden days :) ) a resume reel, including samples of your work. Then:
- Check around your town to see if there are volunteer opportunities for working on PSAs (Public Service Announcements) or similar projects. Best sources would be the local production houses, TV stations, and so forth.
- See if any of the colleges near you have an in-house TV studio and are looking for help.
- If there are large businesses nearby, ask if they have any in-house media production teams; you may be able to get on board as an intern, volunteer to help out, or even get a part-time paid gig.
- Don't forget the local public radio station(s). Even if it's not video, learning to operate a mixer, edit audio, and do some sound production not only helps your career but may give you some contacts and experience you can leverage in getting that editor position.
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