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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 27 1452 views

How to become a product tester?

Share your journey & guide aspiring product testers on their path.

Note: Given the growing interest in product testing, we're inviting our experienced professionals to share their knowledge.

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Elaine Mar 01 625 views

Do you need lots of connections to get into the tech industry?

I'm a high school student.

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Ashwini Feb 26 460 views

Is it game over if I score less marks in my high school final year? Will I be able to join any college to pursue a bachelors in computer science? What other qualifications matter except my grades?

I'm currently writing my high school cbse class 12 board exams and I am worried whether I will have a bright future if i fail to secure a good grade in my exams.

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Jaiden Dec 07, 2023 565 views

As a software developer What programming languages or frameworks do you find most valuable in your work, and why?

I'm in 10th grade and I'm doing a project on software developers which is a career I'm interested in going into in the IT field.

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Jesse Jan 07 1242 views

How do I find out if the cyber security sector of technology is the right choice for me.?

I've been studying codes for the past year now and I'm pretty sure that I would love to get a career in the cyber security sector but I am uncertain if that would be the correct choice in this age

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Reid Dec 19, 2023 362 views

What is an Immune System Researcher called?

What is a Immune System Researcher called

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Cooks Dec 15, 2023 536 views

What is the future of artificial intelligence ?

What is the future of artificial intelligence

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myya Oct 11, 2023 978 views

Can you be a self-taught software developer have a high-paying job and didn't go to college?

In the 11th grade and thinking about being a software developer but I don't want to go to college

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Angel Oct 03, 2023 1100 views

What are the cons and pros of Information Security Analysts

Hi I am a 7th grader in middle school and I am interested in Information Security Analysts I am in 7th grade and I have been interested technology for years but I still don’t know if is this the right choice so if anybody who works as a Information Security Analyst how much do you make what...

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Aun Oct 01, 2023 1796 views

Should I focus on Embedded Systems or Data science/analytics?

I'm studying computer engineering in my 2nd year, and in the summer I'll be applying for a co-op. I've done my research and it appears that embedded systems has a steeper learning curve and barrier to entry than let's say data analytics. Both are not easy, but getting an internship as a data...

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Shayne Oct 01, 2023 497 views

What proggraming language should I study?

Should I study C++, Java, Python, or HTML5 in college?

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Zinic Sep 21, 2023 217 views

What skills should you consider when choosing a field?

I'm interested in computer engineering. I'm wondering about other helpful skills to have like communication, problem-solving, etc.

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Amos Sep 21, 2023 257 views

How you start?

How did u start

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Jeremiah Aug 08, 2023 588 views

What are 10 Questions I Can Use To Interview An Electronics Engineer ?

I am looking for some help finding interview questions to ask an Electronics Engineer. I need questions that are NOT personal but instead are educational and informative. Anything helps, and I would really appreciate your responses, Thank you.

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Isha Aug 23, 2023 818 views

Is there still a demand in IT with the emergence of AI?

ai is just scary