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I want to be a software engineer at Two Sigma, in order to accelerate my career, legacy, passion, and experience! On the side, I would love to be doing some consulting/freelance work!


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Aun M. Jul 23, 2020 140 views

What is the Difference Between Software Consulting and Software Contracting?

The answers on the internet vary from forum to forum, job descriptions, and websites. I'd like to know what the difference between both of these jobs are, and what each role entails? #softwareengineering #career # #jobs...


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Aun M. Jun 30, 2020 187 views

Is there Anyway to Turn a Passion for Networking and IT into an Extracurricular for University Applications

In my sophomore year, I took a networking class, which got me really interested in IT. Although I'm going for software engineering, I would like to showcase my passion for IT one way or another in the form of a material achievement that can be used on my University applications. Any...

#computer-networking #university #college-admissions #software-engineering #it

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Aun M. Jun 29, 2020 223 views

Would Gaining Certification Level Knowledge for Networking be a Waste if One Wants to Pursue a Career in Software Engineering?

Recently, I've been learning some computer networking in my spare time regarding topics on the CCNA. Although IT is quite interesting and intriguing, I'm leaning towards software development, as I like building new things that can be of use to others. Should I learn the CCNA topics in my spare...

#technology #networking #software-engineering #computer-science

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Aun M. Mar 28, 2020 206 views

What Type of Personality, Work Ethic and Interests would Suit a Biomedical Engineer?

Once again I've been rethinking my options. I was very set on choosing software engineering, as it's a lucrative profession that does stimulate my interest in many ways. Biomedical Engineering, however, has also created a curiosity that I can't think but ignore. As someone who loves programming...

#technology #software-engineering #stem #biomedical-engineering

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Aun M. Mar 17, 2020 395 views

Which Web Developer role or Stack is higher in demand, Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack? Why?

This question intrigues me since I've believed that back-end has always had a higher barrier to entry to the mathematics behind it, and front-end being for those who have a knack for design, making front-end usually more popular, however, with varying responses on the internet I'm slightly...

#computer #technology #computer-science #career #web-development

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Aun M. Mar 14, 2020 346 views

How long Does it Take To Learn Web Development to Create a Website from Scratch?

Due to the march break and the covid-19 outbreak, I have a lot of time on my hands, of which I want to utilize cultivating a new skill. I am planning on investing most of my time learning web development. The reason why I asked this question is that I hope to gain a co-op position in a few...

#internship #programming #covid-19 #technology #computer-science #career #web-development

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Aun M. Mar 13, 2020 232 views

To What Extent Does the Prestige or Brand Name Affect an Aspiring engineer Looking For a Position At a Fortune 500 Company?

I've heard over and over again on how there are certain target schools such as Stanford, Waterloo, Harvard, Berkeley and others that are really beneficial in obtaining an internship quite efficiently. What I haven't heard many talks about is how this brand name would affect you when applying...

#job-search #technology #college #computer-science #job #career

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Aun M. Mar 07, 2020 281 views

Are there any University Programs which combine both Finance and Computing? How Do they Work?

This is one question that has been lingering in the back of my mind for a very long time. I have developed a pretty solid foundation in finance and accounting, as well as developed a passion for stem and computing through hobbies and extracurriculars. I have found this one program at the...

#technology #business #accounting #college #computer-science #computing #finance

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Aun M. Mar 03, 2020 302 views

What Would a Typical Day of a Machine Learning Engineer Consist of, and How Does it Compare to Other Engineering Fields?

After looking at most of my choices, I believe that my interests lie in software engineering, hardware engineering, mechanical engineering, and machine learning engineer. I've always been told that a role as a machine learning is quite complex, and can often be handled by very few individuals...

#data-science #engineering #career-advice #technology #computer-science

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Aun M. Mar 01, 2020 274 views

How Should I Start Learning about Machine Learning at the Age of 15?

I don't want to be jumping all over the place, but this is just to keep in the side of my mind as I refine my web development skills and learn the general tools that a full-stack engineer utilizes. At 15, how do you recommend I begin to take interest in machine learning? I've always found it...

#data-science #engineering #computer #technology #computer-science

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Aun M. Feb 28, 2020 203 views

What was your Pathway to Medical School?

This may not be common amongst many people, but if applicable, would you tell me how you got into medical school (starting from high school)? This will definitely be a long question, but I felt that it would be helpful to many students and aspiring individuals looking for motivation or a...

#healthcare #doctor #medicine #premed

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Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 203 views

Career pathways for Mechatronics?

I've researched a little on the topic, but have only found videos about robotics engineers. Is this the only pathway specialized for an individual with a mechatronics degree? Or is it broader than that? As a tenth grader, I want to be fully informed of every opportunity I have in engineering...

#technology #engineering #career #robotics

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Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 280 views

Does one need to be good at drawing to pursue a career in graphic design?

Even though I don't plan on pursuing a career in the graphic design field, this has always been a question of curiosity. I'm taking a communications technology course where we look at graphic design, and our teacher said that you don't need to know how to draw at all. Rather, you just need to...

#design #art #graphic-designer #career #graphic-design

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Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 380 views

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn for high school students? Do you recommend it?

I've already done quite a bit of research on this topic, and have found that most professionals advocate for high school students to have one to increase their digital footprint (positively). I still want to hear more input from professionals, and what they think! Just to put into perspective,...

#internship #networking #job-search #college #job #career

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Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 473 views

Is working at a FAANG company in Silicon Valley really worth it? Will the expenses incurred make the job seem much more unreasonable?

As a 10th grader, my dream is to eventually work at a FAANG company (maybe in silicon valley). Recently, however, I've been looking at articles and videos which claim that the expenses one incurs make living there very unreasonable. Some say that it is better to work at a company in a state...

#technology #career #job #job-search