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San Francisco, California
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I want to find a good career in the tech industry in the future.



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Elaine Mar 27 259 views

How can I prepare for college?

I'll be graduating in a year or so, and I'd want to get some tips and advice on college readiness.

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Elaine Mar 27 518 views

What are some easy jobs in the medical field?

Please be specific on the jobs and what it does, and maybe salary pay too.

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Elaine Mar 01 711 views

How much will you make as a beginner when working in the tech industry?

It can be anything with working with technology, like softwares, IT, etc.

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Elaine Mar 01 807 views

Is it easy to get a job after graduating college with a degree in computer science?

I'm curious as a high school student.

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Elaine Mar 01 780 views

Do you need lots of connections to get into the tech industry?

I'm a high school student.