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what type of responsibilities does someone in film editing hold?

How hard are these responsiblities?
Do any of these responsibilities hold more importance then another?
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2 answers

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Susie’s Answer

Hi Damonte,

From my experience working in film editing - when I came into the studio each day I had to convert files from Avid to my Final Cut Pro system from each camera and get the files for each day to put together the episodes. I.e. Camera A, B, C - close ups, wide shots etc. I had to make sure that the audio/videos were synced and go through each file and assemble.

Sometimes I had to choose which shots to keep or throw if there were many takes and sometimes I had to "build" ones out of several if there were multiple takes with better parts than others! It was a fun job, not so demanding, but it would be based entirely on how long your show was, when the delivery date was for broadcast etc.

In other jobs I've had to add some effects in After Effects - on live footage and on animation - and then export for broadcast/assembly.

The role will start out Junior - as said above and the more experience you have, the more things you will get to do.

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Jeff’s Answer

Hi Damonte,

Your duties will be very broad brush, based on how log you have been editing. Everyone starts in a junior role where you learn the art and science of editing. There are many great books on Amazon but here are 2 of my favorites:

Grammar of the Edit

Art of the Cut

Jeff recommends the following next steps:

Read as much as you can on the art of editing
Record some video footage and explore with your editor software. I would try to obtain a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro if you can.