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Career Questions tagged Logo Design

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Mar 17, 2021 297 views

How is the pay for a graphic designer

#graphic-design #graphic-designer #graphics #interior #logo-design

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Feb 24, 2021 620 views

Is a MacBook Pro a good computer for graphic design?

I'm a 17 year old student looking to buy a new computer to pursue fashion and graphic design, I currently use adobe photoshop and illustrator and I would want something that would hopefully last till the end of college.

#graphic-design #logo-design

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Aug 31, 2018 493 views

Which medium would be best for a graphic design portfolio?

I am not sure whether to print/mount my graphic design projects or provide a electronic version of my portfolio.


Valeria’s Avatar
Valeria Aug 27, 2018 717 views

Is Graphic Design a good career choice?

I keep getting different opinions on it, and I would like to know more.

#graphic #graphic-design #logo-design #creative

Zainab’s Avatar
Zainab Jan 07, 2017 933 views

Should College or School be my only place to do designing projects? Or should I practice during my off time? If yes, what kind of projects should I practice doing?

A question I had before majoring in Graphic Design. I am sure alot of highschool or college students interested in GD will be asking a similar question to this.
#graphic-design #animation #illustrator #photoshop #indesign #portfolio #logo-design

Katlyn’s Avatar
Katlyn May 23, 2016 692 views

How would you become a logo desiger or describe what that career does? What would you need to have as in education wise.

I am interested in being a logo designer in the field of graphic design. #graphic-design #logo-design

Katlyn’s Avatar
Katlyn May 23, 2016 866 views

Is Graphic Designe a good area to work in?

I am planning to attend school to be a graphic designer and like to know if it would be a good career to be in. #graphic-design #logo-design