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San Diego, California
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I want to be Certified Nursing Assistant and go to advanced training

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Josefina Aug 25, 2021 586 views

What is the day by day experience?

I want to know the day by day experience, the details on how to deal with difficult #healthcare #medical #nurse patients or make the patient feel more comfortable.

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Josefina Aug 25, 2021 429 views

How long does entry level pay last?

I know that at first you get entry level pay in Certified Nursing Assistant but how long do you have to last to receive median level pay?


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Josefina Aug 25, 2021 616 views

How will the training be conducted?

I've researched on how training will be conducted on Certified Nursing Assistant and I read different accounts. I know that training can be practiced on dummies but is live presentation also done #nursing #nurse #healthcare ?