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San Diego, California

Within 40 mile radius
cameron A.’s Avatar
cameron A. Jan 04 226 views

what is the path career I need to go to start a welding business?

#career #entrepreneur #business #psychology #investing

Angelo-Jun G.’s Avatar
Angelo-Jun G. Jul 14 38 views

Are rehab aides and techs the same thing?

I think they're the same but I want to make sure so that I'm putting the right job experience on my resume and college application

humberto C.’s Avatar
humberto C. Dec 09, 2021 305 views

what is important to know about getting a career?

high school graduate getting to know the best career #career #job #career-counseling #career-choice

Camren-Naya K.’s Avatar
Camren-Naya K. Jan 04 171 views

What is the workplace like for a POLICE IDENTIFICATION & RECORDS OFFICERS?

#police #law-enforcement #criminal-justice

Madi N.’s Avatar
Madi N. May 25 109 views

Where should I go to College?

Hi! I'm a 13 year old middle school student in San Diego. Today in history we were talking about college and it got me thinking. I want to go to a good school,but I'm not sure where. I want to major in traveling and linguistics. I would love to be able to travel the world as it had always been...

Diego J.’s Avatar
Diego J. May 26 71 views

Where to get started?

Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to make movies. In high school I started writing short films and enjoyed it a lot. As I continue to write I want to film them but don’t have the people to help. Where do I get started on filming my scripts and where can I find people to be in my film?

Alexandru U.’s Avatar
Alexandru U. Jan 19, 2018 433 views

What skills do you need in order to become a Psychologist?

I am kind of antisocial and I want to know whether I could become a psychologist or not. #psychology

Josefina N.’s Avatar
Josefina N. Aug 25, 2021 324 views

What is the day by day experience?

I want to know the day by day experience, the details on how to deal with difficult #healthcare #medical #nurse patients or make the patient feel more comfortable.

Mariela G.’s Avatar
Mariela G. Jan 06, 2015 1393 views

What is required to become a veterinarian?

Ever since I was a child, I have been dreaming in becoming a veterinarian. Though I don't know where to begin. Anything is helpful. #medicine #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #family-medicine

Diana D.’s Avatar
Diana D. May 18, 2016 684 views

What academic skills do I need to have to be successful in college?

I am an 11th grade student and I am afraid that I won't be ready for college. #university #student #high-school #skills #personal-development #college

Natalie K.’s Avatar
Natalie K. May 19, 2016 1073 views

What are the best undergraduate degrees to get into law school?

I am pursuing and undergraduate degree and want to know which degrees are best if I want to get into law school. #professor #law #lawyer

Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. Oct 18, 2016 537 views

Do colleges really care if you didn't take AP classes in your 9 & 10 grade?

I didn't start taking AP classes until Junior year, and I didn't take honors/IB classes either. The only advanced classes I have taken are advanced Enligh 1/2 & 3/4, along with being a year ahead in math of the regular sequence. #college #college-applications #highschool

Josefina N.’s Avatar
Josefina N. Aug 25, 2021 268 views

How will the training be conducted?

I've researched on how training will be conducted on Certified Nursing Assistant and I read different accounts. I know that training can be practiced on dummies but is live presentation also done #nursing #nurse #healthcare ?

Jabe A.’s Avatar
Jabe A. Oct 25, 2021 261 views

what skills, abilities, or personal qualities are essential to become a successful pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #healthcare #pharmaceuticals

Jabe A.’s Avatar
Jabe A. Oct 25, 2021 299 views

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the field of pharmacy?

#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

Jabe A.’s Avatar
Jabe A. Oct 25, 2021 217 views

what is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

Brandy B.’s Avatar
Brandy B. Oct 25, 2021 266 views

What steps would you recommend when becoming a dental hygienist

#dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental

Mariela G.’s Avatar
Mariela G. Dec 02, 2014 2037 views

What is required to become an engineer?

I would really like to become a engineer, but I don't know how to. #engineering #pre-engineering

Forrest R.’s Avatar
Forrest R. Mar 04, 2014 896 views

What universities offer a good engineering program?

I have been doing research on aerospace engineering and I think this is a possible career path for myself. I would like some advice on what colleges I could attend specifically for aerospace engineering. #college #engineering

Jordan M.’s Avatar
Jordan M. Mar 17 98 views

What kind of hours to nurse work an a day to day basis

I would like to know what I’m getting my self into before I really makes decision

Jordan M.’s Avatar
Jordan M. Mar 17 80 views

What other nurse position would I qualify for with a masters an do they all make similar money?


Jordan M.’s Avatar
Jordan M. Mar 17 140 views

How long does it take to officially become an registered nurse.

I want to become a nurse anaesthetist

Eduardo G.’s Avatar
Eduardo G. Mar 02 102 views

In terms of job duties and companies to work with, what are the differences between exercise physiologists and strength and conditioning coaches?

I've volunteered at #personaltraining gyms and #soccer teams as a coach in the past and really liked it. The clinical and scientific career aspects of #exercisephysiology also really interest me.

humberto C.’s Avatar
humberto C. Dec 09, 2021 221 views

what steps should i take on becoming an electrician?

im a high school graduate and working to get a career. #graduate-school #career #tech

David C.’s Avatar
David C. Dec 09, 2021 366 views

Do you enjoy the career that you are working?

#engineering #work What exactly do you do when you are working? & do you work with people or alone?

humberto C.’s Avatar
humberto C. Dec 09, 2021 311 views

how much training does an electrician need?

high school graduate working towards a career #career #business #tech #Electrician #electricians

jasmine D.’s Avatar
jasmine D. Oct 25, 2021 137 views

What skills do I need to become a dermatologist?


dominic L.’s Avatar
dominic L. Oct 25, 2021 172 views

what is one of the hardest things that you had to overcome in the culinary field and how do you think it made you a better chef or culinary field worker

in about 2 to 3 weeks I will be attending San Diego job corps in order to join their culinary course and hopefully become a chef
#culinary-arts #chef #cooking

Brandy B.’s Avatar
Brandy B. Oct 25, 2021 167 views

What does a typical day as a dental hygienist look like?

#dental-hygienist #dentistry #dental #dentist

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