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Career Questions tagged Thanks

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 18, 2022 379 views

Do you find it rude when we don't say 'thank you'?

ALL PROFESSIONALS! Do you find it rude that if we ask a question, we never thanked you for responding? I've seen a ton of discussions in Career Village that professionals don't even get the "thanks" for responding to the question. I got curious if you find it rude hehe I would like to formally...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 10, 2020 535 views

Are there any medical related online opportunities for teens in high school to do during the pandemic? Future thanks for the help!

I am currently a junior and I do not have much medical-related volunteer experience so any bit of advice will help. Thanks again. #high-school #help #futureanesthesiologist #anesthesiologist #experience #thanks #medicalfield #medicine

Neha’s Avatar
Neha Aug 18, 2018 377 views

If I want to be premed, do I have to be really really good in my science courses?

I have struggled a little bit in high school in my science courses. Will this affect me?
#medicine #help #thanks

Caridad’s Avatar
Caridad Jan 26, 2018 473 views

Do you have any suggestions for some easy scholarships I could sign up for?

#help #dont-know-what-im-doing #stressed #college-stress #hopeidontewnduphomeless #help-a-bro-out #thanks

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Jan 22, 2018 671 views

What should I expect in College?

I am a HS senior and I've been accepted to some of the colleges that I applied to. The one thing that is bothering me is that I don't know what to do once I choose the school I'll spend for another 4 years. #Any #tips #thanks #college

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 01, 2017 947 views

What are some of the best things that can be written into a story?

What are some of the best things that can be written into a story.
#writing #storytelling #creative-writing

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 01, 2017 585 views

What are some things to except?

What are somethings to except when in college and when you get out of college?


Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Sep 01, 2017 615 views

What kind of jobs are there where can work with human relations?

I'm still a little confused on what I want to study but I know I have a passion for people and traveling. I don't like dealing with numbers, or being stuck at a desk, I want to be involved in my field. Any advice? #thanks #career-choice