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Wilfreydy P.’s Avatar
Wilfreydy P. Feb 23 108 views

Do we need collage

Im having trouble picking the right choice...


Sarah E.’s Avatar
Sarah E. Sep 20, 2020 134 views

How many fields are there in studying paediatrics

I am Sarah E. I'm in high school and I'd love to be a paediatrician cause I love kids and love to care for them . So I care to know the various fields in that area of study....


Alicia Y.’s Avatar
Alicia Y. Sep 15, 2020 334 views

How many patients do you have a day?

I like to keep myself busy but not too busy where I hate my job now. I have a career I want but I also want to learn about different types of careers. all careers finding career career career-path career-choice orthodontist dental hygienist doctor surgeon job pediatrician eye...

healthcare counselor any medicine therapist

Cruz B.’s Avatar
Cruz B. Jul 30, 2020 156 views

What's up the difference between soft

Software engineering and hardware engineering...


Shaylee W.’s Avatar
Shaylee W. Jul 13, 2018 314 views

What do you do as a Marine Biologist?

What do you do on a daily basis? Is the job difficult? biologist...


Max K.’s Avatar
Max K. Feb 02, 2017 461 views

Which way should i choose?

I'm good at maths,physics and chemistry. Which type of job will be good for me? But I'm not interested in medical 10...