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how many IT company in karanataka?

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7 answers

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Ken’s Answer


Here is a list that might help.


thank you very much shameema M.

You welcome! Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress! Ken Simmons

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Shravan’s Answer

Hi Purushotham,

There are many IT companies in Karnataka, the number is growing every year; most of these companies are based out of Bangalore which has become the IT hub. If you want to pursue a career in IT, there are many opportunities and I suggest you explore them. All the best.

Shravan Ponnappa C.K

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Jyoti’s Answer

Hi purushotham,

There are lot of IT companies in karnataka(more than 10,000), most of them based out of Bangalore. Also the number increases every year.

You can refer the below link where you can get the details.


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Mohammed’s Answer

Hi Purushotam,

The number of companies in Bangalore are growing every year, as the cost of employees are always lesser in India, when compared to the US counterparts. The present list can be easily looked up online, or can be found in one of the links below:




These are the results of a quick google search. You could look up the ones that you need specifically by adjusting the search keywords.

Hope it helps.


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Sriram’s Answer

This website should give you a fair idea of the number of IT companies based in Karnataka


Hope it helps :)

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Vijay’s Answer

You will get every company in Bangalore.

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Sharan’s Answer

Hi Purushotham,

There are lot of opportunists in the IT sector in Bangalore. There should be more than 10K companies in Bangalore which actively work in the IT industry. Joining IT is a good decision. I would recommend you to filter your choice and focus one something more specific within the IT sector. There are lot of fields within the IT sector.

Sharan recommends the following next steps:

Explore more within the IT sector to identify your area of interest