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How do I choose between colleges?

I have a few different options and I've considered all the usual things like location and academics. But what else can I use to narrow down my search for the perfect college? #college #student #colleges #studies #business-alliances

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5 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

My son has just started university and as part of that process we considered the following:
- % jobs out of each course, so do the universities you are considering publish employment statistics, these generally only deal with the first year after college but it gives you an idea of how useful employers see the course
- Do the courses you are interested in have internships - where you work for a company for a period during your study. All the large corporations now have internship programs, great way to get offered that first job.
- Finances whether you can afford to study away from home or not
- Does the university offer exchange programs with other universities in another town / country. Excellent way to improve language skills without having the expense of studying full time abroad.
- Other activities, sports and social clubs - great way to have fun, widen your network and learn all sorts of new skills
Best of Luck with your studies

This was helpful. I am also looking into colleges and I will be using this advice! So, thank you! Joey E.

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Ken’s Answer


Here are some sites that will provide helpful information.

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Simeon’s Answer

You'll want to apply for their scholarships to see if any of them can soften the economic costs of attendance. Even the pricier institutions will offer some full-scholarships, so you'll gain quick clarity on which college to attend if you land one of those. I'd also see what student associations are on campus to see if there are strong networking opportunities to boot.

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Jordan’s Answer

Here are some tips!

- Outline your safety and reach schools, but also have a third level with schools you may not be as excited about but could be solid options down the road.
- Research schools with programs or majors that interest you or serve as a stepping-stone for your career path. But don't tie yourself down with one option and make sure your school has other opportunities available.
- Think about non-course-related activities (school spirit, extracurriculars, leadership/employment opportunities) that interest you and can serve to enhance your experience on campus.
- Talk to people about their experiences! Don't just listen to admissions pitches or tour guides, but reach out to students or faculty at the university to gain a better, more authentic feel of what life is like on campus.

Hope that helps!

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Arun’s Answer

Compare Your Colleges. Compare each degree program in your college search using Campus Explorer's Compare Schools feature.