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Jordan Sternblitz

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Mike Apr 06, 2021 4095 views

Will a bad freshman year in Highschool really hurt my chances of getting into my dream schools or were my teachers just scaring me?

#school #college #grades

lydia’s Avatar
lydia Mar 18, 2021 705 views

Did you always know you wanted to study law? If so how come?

#law #study #career

grazielyn’s Avatar
grazielyn Mar 24, 2021 752 views

i'm 16 years old, what job can i get in my age?

#first-job #job-search

Shari’s Avatar
Shari May 18, 2016 656 views

What should we do the first day we move into dorms at our college?

Need advice #experience #logic

Purushotham’s Avatar
Purushotham May 26, 2016 1378 views

How do I choose between colleges?

I have a few different options and I've considered all the usual things like location and academics. But what else can I use to narrow down my search for the perfect college? #college #student #colleges #studies #business-alliances