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i want to become a good student.

Asked Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I want to become good student. #college #teaching #teacher #student #studies

3 answers

Maria’s Answer

Updated Washington

It is great that you seek to be more than just a student. To be better at anything involves time, dedication and self-discipline. Do your reading assignments ahead of the class, so that what your teacher teaches on makes more sense to you and you are more equip to ask intelligent questions to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the material being taught. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand - regardless of what others may think, since you purpose in your heart to learn the material and do well at it.

Review your notes same day and do practice questions each week especially on the areas where you do not excel well in. Try tutoring someone to reinforce what have been taught to you. Also, it will help you better understand the material as well. When you do this on a consistent basis, it will require less effort to prepare for exams as the time approaches since you started this process earlier.

Start your assignment when they are given, so you don't end up rushing it last minute. Give thought to your approach to the assignment and plan out your time properly so that you complete it well before the due date. This will help if there is some unforeseen delay and you would still have time to complete assignment.

I'm sure you will not just be a good student, but a great one!

All the best!

Nick’s Answer

Updated Washington

Learning does not only occur inside the classroom walls. I find that I am a student in nearly every facet of my life. In fact, some of the most important lessons are learned in how you communicate and relate to people. Now, I'm sure your question is more for how to do well in school, and I agree with those who have already answered. Being a good student takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline. You have to commit to being a responsible student and fulfilling the expectations of your instructors. On a sunny day when it's warm out, you'll find it's very hard to attend class or finish your assignments but it's critical to your success. Remember, school is one of the first places where you can establish yourself and create a reputation. It is very difficult to change first impressions if you're known as untimely or undependable. Those qualities will begin to spill into other areas of your life. Good luck!

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Go to class! A lot of university students don't which I find destructive. After you finish with your classes, go over you notes and make sure you understand everything you covered. If you do that, I assure you that you are going to do great. Moreover, plan in advance and don't procrastinate until everything is due at once. Lastly, no allnighters! You need the sleep to do well in the exam.