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What kind of jobs are there where can work with human relations?

I'm still a little confused on what I want to study but I know I have a passion for people and traveling. I don't like dealing with numbers, or being stuck at a desk, I want to be involved in my field. Any advice? #thanks #career-choice

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2 answers

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Marilyn’s Answer

If you are interested in working with people, a career in public service such as social work or counseling could work, or business where you could work with customer relations, in sales or in public relations. Best of luck in your choices. I have had jobs in teaching, counseling, management, training, travel group leading, testing and presenting to groups. All were working with people!
Marilyn Balke-Lowry

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Robin’s Answer

Hi, Nicole - you are off to a great start in terms of knowing what engages you and what doesn't. Have you taken the Gallup Strengthsfinder? That might also offer you some helpful insight into what you are good at and how you might aim your strengths. You might also consider an assessment like the Strong Inventory, which helps people map their interests to potential careers. Most career counselors could either administer this for you or point you to a career center where you could take it. Good luck!