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Ben L. Aug 09, 2017 740 views

Where can I network with professionals outside of career fairs? Where can I network with professionals specifically in my future career field?

I am an advertising major at SJSU entering my 4th year and I want to start preparing for my life post-college. I want to get a job in the advertising industry. One the pieces of advice I hear a lot is "network with other people!" Where do I find these people? Also, I how do I find networking...

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Lizthebett V. Sep 01, 2017 498 views

How can you find out what your "perfect" career is?

I am struggling with finding out what I should pursue as a career....


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Nicole B. Sep 01, 2017 385 views

What kind of jobs are there where can work with human relations?

I'm still a little confused on what I want to study but I know I have a passion for people and traveling. I don't like dealing with numbers, or being stuck at a desk, I want to be involved in my field. Any advice? #thanks...


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Taylor E. Sep 01, 2017 600 views

How do you know that the career path you are going down is the right one for you?

I have been undecided on my major for a year and I worry about choosing the right one for me. It feels like a lot of pressure to choose a career path that I will stay on for the rest of my professional career when I am only 19 years old. How will I know when I have chosen the right...

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ari P. Sep 01, 2017 424 views

How do you decide on a major when you have multiple interests in varied fields?

I am interested in majoring in business management, psychology, and political science, all different majors, and I don't know which is the right fit for me. I have taken high school classes in business, law, and psychology and still am interested in all of the fields. How do I decide what i...

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Aiden S. Jan 16, 2018 505 views

What leadership club did you participate in while in college? What did you like and dislike about it? Would you recommend it?

My name is Aiden. I am 17 years old and I live on the Southern Oregon Coast in a little town with about 1000 people. I am going to George Fox University in Fall 2018. I have been a member of the Oregon Wing Civil Air Patrol for 2 1/2 years now and I have been a team leader. I would like to...

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Grace R. Apr 29, 2018 852 views

On Leadership

I am also interested in Leadership but there are so many academic ways to do this. Which degree is the most valuable? #womeninleadership,...