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Emmalyn D.’s Avatar
Emmalyn D. Mar 12 67 views

How can college students prepare for their careers prior to being hired?

I am a high school student aspiring to become a high school teacher....


Emmalyn D.’s Avatar
Emmalyn D. Mar 12 58 views

What are some temporary jobs that can prepare teachers for their careers?

I am a high school senior aspiring to be a high school teacher....


Alishondra N.’s Avatar
Alishondra N. May 12, 2018 174 views

What is the typical work day of a Speech Therapist working at an elementary school entail?

I am interested in going to college for Speech Pathology and working at a local elementary school. I need to know what a typical day's work will contain #speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathology...


Laurel M.’s Avatar
Laurel M. May 22, 2016 627 views

Post college, what are some things that need to be considered when looking for jobs?

I want to know some good things to consider when looking and interviewing for jobs after college. #job #job-search #job-market...


Vilma K.’s Avatar
Vilma K. Mar 17 81 views

How will COVID-19 effect my first semester of college?

I have a lot of questions such as: Should I expect my first semester as college to be online? How does this affect my financial aid? Will I need to still pay the full tuition price? Will I be required to still live on campus (or will I even be able to)? What should I expect in these next few...

#covid-19 #education #finance #financial-aid #college

Vilma K.’s Avatar
Vilma K. Mar 17 52 views

Do you COVID-19 will impact the result of how many students will be accepted into selective universities this year?

As a senior who has applied to a various number of schools, I was surprised to hear I was waitlisted at a school I expected to be accepted into. Other than other factors that absolutely could have affected this decision, do you think #covid-19 will change how many students colleges across the...

#college-admissions #college #student #university #college-advice

Yajaira M.’s Avatar
Yajaira M. May 21, 2016 1584 views

What impacts does studying abroad have on your career?

I want to study abroad while pursuing my Master's degree in Accounting and Finance and I am considering earning my masters degree abroad- studying for about two years in another country. Will studying abroad/earning a degree abroad in the business field affect my opportunities of pursuing a...

#masters #degree #finance #career #accounting #study-abroad

Lakshmi S.’s Avatar
Lakshmi S. Feb 03 109 views

I'm looking for direction to restart my career. What can I do to land myself a job in the field of instructional design/ training/ learning and development?

I have a master's in organizational behavior ( Applied Psychology) from India. I moved to the USA about two years ago and I recently got my work permit. I am also a certified ICF (ACC) Coach and have about 2+ years of experience (from my pervious job in India) in the field of training,...

#psychology #entryleveljob #instructionaldesign #job #coaching #training #learninganddevelopment #networkingforjobs #organizationalbehavior #career #tempeaz

SHAINIL J.’s Avatar
SHAINIL J. Jan 26 59 views
Ahnna W.’s Avatar
Ahnna W. Jan 21, 2018 224 views

Is college really worth it?

I understand the need for a further education in order to preform skills at higher paying jobs, but is having the debt of college loans and spending all that time really worth it in the long run? Neither of my parents finished college and they seem to be doing more than fine, but they also...

#payingforcollege #isitworththerisk #success

Kendra L.’s Avatar
Kendra L. May 22, 2016 488 views

What are some tips on how to cope with separation anxiety?

I just graduated high school and I will be living on campus at a university in the fall as a college freshman. I am extremely family oriented and I know I will miss having my family around very much. I can already imagine how sad and lonely I will feel without them. Can you give me some tips on...

#college #university #graduate #family

Darrian L.’s Avatar
Darrian L. Jan 25 56 views

Where can I get a good writing-based position?

I'm Darrian and I want to major in the English field later in life, where can I get started? #english #college-major...


Alishondra N.’s Avatar
Alishondra N. May 12, 2018 211 views

What is the average pay of a Speech Therapist?

I need to know if it will be sufficient enough to support my future family. #speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathology...


Alishondra N.’s Avatar
Alishondra N. May 12, 2018 179 views

How much schooling will I need to be a Speech Pathologist/Therapist?

I need to know how much scholarship money I will need to raise in order to lessen student loan debts. #speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-language-pathologist...


London H.’s Avatar
London H. Nov 06, 2014 913 views

I am wondering what would be a good job to have when you're planning to start a family?

I am asking this question because my teacher wants us to know what job we want to have when we grow up. #fashion #career-paths #family...


Connor N.’s Avatar
Connor N. Jan 17, 2018 260 views

How much should I plan?

I know that planning is necessary when thinking about my future, but I also know that a lot of the time things won’t go according to plan. How much effort should a put into planning, whether it’s a week, a month, or a year of my life? #planning...


Jakob R.’s Avatar
Jakob R. Aug 21, 2016 571 views

Aside from interviews and basic research, what is the overall process like to gather information and report the story?

I am a high school student interested in the field of journalism. I would appreciate knowing how they get their information and what kind of sources they use to create a strong story for the public. #sports #journalism #sports-journalism...


Tonique H.’s Avatar
Tonique H. Jan 17, 2018 280 views

Are there any steps I should take ,aside from getting my degree, in order to get a good paying job with a bachelors in psychology?

My major is psychology and my main concern plus everyone else is that I will not be able to make a decent amount of money with just a bachelors in psychology. I just want to make sure I’m prepared for anything. #psychology #bachelorsdegree...


Bhavani S.’s Avatar
Bhavani S. Jan 17, 2018 554 views

What is the job outlook for bioinformatics professionals in the coming decades?

I'm planning on earning a bioinformatics degree during my undergraduate degree, and I was hoping to learn the prospects of the career, itself, should I choose to pursue further education in the field. I was hoping to hear about how demand is predicted to rise/fall in the coming decades and...


Kysha R.’s Avatar
Kysha R. Mar 26, 2018 204 views

Should i take out student loans?

I need more money to pay for school because my parents will not pay for my schooling so i am doing it on my own and I need a way to pay so would loans be a good idea? #loans #college...


Jade T.’s Avatar
Jade T. May 26, 2016 614 views

What is the best way to make friends in college?

I'm scared it'll be harder to make friends when going to a huge university. I've been going to school with the same people for many years and I just want to know the easiest way to make friends...


NnamdiCodman3 .’s Avatar
NnamdiCodman3 . Feb 02, 2012 2073 views

how do you become a CIA agent ?

i wanted to know whats steps i need to take to become a CIA agent. #cia...


Alishondra N.’s Avatar
Alishondra N. May 12, 2018 120 views

What are the top schools to apply to in order to be a speech pathology major?

I was most likely going to apply to Arizona Sate University, but then I started considering what other schools could possibly be a better fit. #speech-language-pathology #speech-therapist...

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