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Anonymous A. Nov 13, 2020 100 views
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Halie U. Dec 03, 2020 111 views
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Anonymous A. Oct 30, 2020 49 views

What's this doctor called? I want to look more into this career.

Okay, so baically I fractured my arm, and I want to say I remember them being a specialist...this doctor basically reviewed my x-rays and said I had a hairline fracture. She then let me know I would need a cast for a while, and I kept going to her every like every month or every like 8 r 6...

#search #doctor #fracture

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Veronica Lorraine G. Aug 23, 2018 192 views
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Angela N. Dec 03, 2020 123 views
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Bhavani S. Jan 17, 2018 894 views

What is the job outlook for bioinformatics professionals in the coming decades?

I'm planning on earning a bioinformatics degree during my undergraduate degree, and I was hoping to learn the prospects of the career, itself, should I choose to pursue further education in the field. I was hoping to hear about how demand is predicted to rise/fall in the coming decades and...


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Tonique H. Jan 17, 2018 383 views

Are there any steps I should take ,aside from getting my degree, in order to get a good paying job with a bachelors in psychology?

My major is psychology and my main concern plus everyone else is that I will not be able to make a decent amount of money with just a bachelors in psychology. I just want to make sure I’m prepared for anything. #psychology #bachelorsdegree...


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Genevese S. Dec 03, 2020 107 views

how to be ready for college?

I'm a senior wanting to be a bio-engineer, before i wanted to be a marine biologist. i want to get all A's just like last year. #navy #biologist #marine-biology...


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Manuel H. Dec 03, 2020 103 views

How many people actually go to college and finish getting their degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and i'm still trying to decide if college is worth the work needed to get in let alone getting your degree....


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Rosario Q. Apr 29, 2020 544 views

How can i know what career is best for me

Im having trouble deciding what to do in the future #career #career #career-choice...


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Connor N. Jan 17, 2018 274 views

How should I incorporate relaxing into my life?

At least from my experience, most people can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as one gets towards the end of high school, the list of things to do begins to pile up and sometimes I’m not really sure what to do when I actually have time to relax and...

#life-balance #relaxation #time

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Lakshmi S. Feb 03, 2020 292 views

I'm looking for direction to restart my career. What can I do to land myself a job in the field of instructional design/ training/ learning and development?

I have a master's in organizational behavior ( Applied Psychology) from India. I moved to the USA about two years ago and I recently got my work permit. I am also a certified ICF (ACC) Coach and have about 2+ years of experience (from my pervious job in India) in the field of training,...

#coaching #entryleveljob #tempeaz #organizationalbehavior #instructionaldesign #training #job #psychology #learninganddevelopment #networkingforjobs #career

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Antonio D. Dec 15, 2020 47 views

how do begin making my first cartoon?

As far as my skills go, i am able to draw characters and write out how my cartoon/story can go but i still don't know how to properly animate just quite yet....


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Angela N. Dec 14, 2020 69 views

What are some free programs you can use for editing digital illustrations and animation?

I currently use Autodesk Sketchbook, but I am unsure of what free programs I can use to edit my videos of illustrations.. #art #animation #digital #illustration...


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dylan C. Dec 15, 2020 97 views

How to get ready for college right after high school with all Bs?

I have all Bs but i just want to know the easiest way to get ready for a community college? #high-school #career...


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Joselyn S. Nov 02, 2020 109 views

What major would i choose if i wanted to become a nurse midwife?

Although it's probably still early, i am a sophomore i am high school, i've been invited into a program that is basically setting me up in the top universities/colleges and i've been doing research. I'm still a bit confused on majors and stuff like that but just know the basics will help a lot!...

#college #entrepreneurship #midwife #university #science #double-major #physics #nursing

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dylan C. Dec 03, 2020 118 views

How to become a millionaire at the age 19?

I am a upcoming family vlogger and im trying to maintain my GPA in the process #navy #gpa...


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Jacqueline D. May 08, 2020 512 views

Is software engineering a fulfilling job?

I'm a sophomore studying computer science at a large 4-year university. I've been doubting my major choice a lot, and whether I will be fulfilled later in life working as a software engineer or at a tech company. I work as a math tutor right now, and I really enjoy helping and interacting with...

#technology #science #engineering #computer-science #computer

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A B. May 21, 2016 874 views

Will studying abroad have an impact on my career?

My name is Yajaira and I want to study abroad while pursuing my Master's degree in Accounting and Finance and I am considering earning my masters degree abroad- studying for about two years in another country. Will studying abroad/earning a degree abroad in the business field affect my...

#accounting #degree #finance #study-abroad #career #masters

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kylie L. May 17, 2017 436 views
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Keon G. Sep 24, 2020 98 views

What's the best college to go to; to become a Realtor?

I would want to design homes. I want to help people to sell their home. #interior-designer...

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MJ M. Nov 10, 2020 56 views

What do I need to know if I want to study fashion design abroad in Paris?

I currently am drafting designs and learning to sew. I also have been learning French on Duolingo for about a year. I have a huge love for Paris and want to live in such a beautiful city. #interior #fashion-design #fashion #studyabroad...


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Kylee R. Oct 30, 2018 316 views

How do you find out what scores a school really wants for the SAT and ACT?

I've been told that some schools only require one test or the other, but how do you find what a specific school wants and the minimum score requirements? #sat #college #act...


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