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Gabriel S.’s Avatar
Gabriel S. May 28, 2018 301 views

Do you have any advice for a student who wants to be a novelist?

I will be attending NYU this fall and majoring in English and I hope to be a novelist in the future. #english #writing #novelist #fiction #writer...


Brooklyn S.’s Avatar
Brooklyn S. Apr 07 41 views

Is there a job that combines a nurse practitioner and a counselor?

I'm a junior in high school, and I'm torn between general medicine and psychology. I've always been interested in the responsibilities of a nurse practitioner, especially in pediatrics, but I've recently taken up an interest in a career as a counselor or psychologist. Are there any careers that...

#nursing #medicine #counselor #careers

Nicholas D.’s Avatar
Nicholas D. Aug 19, 2018 324 views

Marine Biology Career Options

I always wanted to pursue a degree in Marine Biology, though I do not want to become a teacher. What steps should I take to ensure that I am in a position of research rather than teaching? #career #careers...


Wilfrido Q.’s Avatar
Wilfrido Q. Oct 20, 2016 504 views

What is one of the most difficult things to figure out when trying to complete a bachelors in Computer engineering?

I am very interested in computer engineering and want to know what other people who have a degree in that have to say...


dylan C.’s Avatar
dylan C. Dec 03, 2020 150 views

How to become a millionaire at the age 19?

I am a upcoming family vlogger and im trying to maintain my GPA in the process #navy #gpa...


Ahnna W.’s Avatar
Ahnna W. Jan 21, 2018 135 views

Did I pick the right college?

How do you know what college is truly right for you? Is it true what people say- that sometimes the college you pick really does have an impact on your future? I have picked the school that I have always wanted to go to, but how can I tell if it’s in my best interest, or will I never know?...

#doesitmatter #pickingacollege #ismyfutureontheline #whoknows

MJ M.’s Avatar
MJ M. Nov 18, 2020 529 views

What is the best sewing machine to learn beginner sewing and fashion design on?

I've been researching machines and can't find the right one. I am fairly new at sewing and don't quite know what to look for. I want it to be inexpensive, durable, and portable but it's hard to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am starting to learn sewing now to help me create...

#fashion #fashion-design #education #givingiscaring #sewing #learning

Darrian L.’s Avatar
Darrian L. Jan 25, 2020 188 views

Where can I get a good writing-based position?

I'm Darrian and I want to major in the English field later in life, where can I get started? #english #college-major...


Rosario Q.’s Avatar
Rosario Q. Apr 29, 2020 592 views

How can i know what career is best for me

Im having trouble deciding what to do in the future #career #career #career-choice...


Hunter N.’s Avatar
Hunter N. Aug 31, 2018 253 views

Do I need to get a doctorate to be most successful in counseling?

I have heard different opinions about the education level I would need to be a successful counselor....


Laurel M.’s Avatar
Laurel M. May 22, 2016 816 views

Post college, what are some things that need to be considered when looking for jobs?

I want to know some good things to consider when looking and interviewing for jobs after college. #job #job-search #job-market...


anna M.’s Avatar
anna M. Oct 31, 2020 112 views
Aisha C.’s Avatar
Aisha C. Oct 21, 2012 1419 views
Bhavani S.’s Avatar
Bhavani S. Jan 17, 2018 289 views

How will the MD-DO residency merger affect students seeking an MD and students seeking a DO, particularly those students interesting in pursuing ophthalmology?

I've has a passion for medicine for as long as I can remember. Due to my medical history and having read up on various conditions and diseases, I've found ophthalmology to be the field, that I would like to pursue, so that I can give other individuals a shot at living an uninhibited life. I...

#medicine #ophthalmology #residency

Joseline S.’s Avatar
Joseline S. Aug 22, 2018 218 views
Anonymous A.’s Avatar
Anonymous A. Nov 15, 2020 132 views

I need an academic counselor? I'm a junior.

I know my school has counselors, but I feel like this is such an easy platform to get answers. I'm a Junior, and I want to start applying to scholarships. I have high expectations for myself and my future, I really want a head start now. #academiccounselor #nhs...


Rohit S.’s Avatar
Rohit S. Apr 18, 2018 254 views

When do you start paying for college?

Can you pay while your learning or are all the fees due before the semester? Do you pay for college once you know you've been accepted? #college...


Kaitlin F.’s Avatar
Kaitlin F. Jul 14, 2020 154 views

What job opportunities are there with a Biblical Studies major besides working in a church?

I'm interested in a Biblical Studies major and am wondering what types of careers I can consider with it? I would love to work in a church but want to keep my options open! #major #college-major #ministry #biblical-studies...


Keon G.’s Avatar
Keon G. Sep 22, 2020 144 views

If your a realtor could you design someones house?

I would love to design houses because I play this game Where i build and design homes. #realtor #designer #bloxburg...


Haley E.’s Avatar
Haley E. Aug 29, 2018 311 views

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