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Career Questions tagged Barber

Manuel O.’s Avatar
Manuel O. Nov 08 46 views

How do I get more clients when I start cutting hair.

Hey, My name is Manuel. Im a student at Burton high in San Francisco CA. I want to become a barber and cut hair professionally . I know most of the basics in barbering but what I still don't know is how am I going to get clients. Or how will find enough people to cut their hair so I can...


Delterio C.’s Avatar
Delterio C. Nov 13, 2020 197 views

I want to become a barber and if that doesn't work out i become a fireman.

I'm a 9th grader from HillCrest and i'm just wondering what I have to go through to get to were i want to be later in life. colleges barber # professionals...


Yamil G.’s Avatar
Yamil G. Mar 13, 2020 294 views

How can I be a better barber ?

How can I improve my barber skills specifically the razor blade and the scissors? Some of my skills In barbering are fading really well , doing basic designs, shape ups....


Juan R.’s Avatar
Juan R. Mar 23, 2015 782 views

What is the best school to learn how to be a barber.

The reason I am asking is because I like to fix hair and I am very interested with hair designs and I like making people look fresh!! experienced hair-stylist hairdressers hair-care...