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Career Questions tagged Hair Care

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 545 views

Do you prefer quiet or chatty clients as a hairdresser?

I've heard some clients tell interesting stories. #hairdresser #hair #hair-care #hair-stylist

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 578 views

How much money do hairdressers make per day?

A hairdresser is my second choice of profession. #hair-stylist #beauty-industry #hairdressers #hair-care #beautician #hairdresser

Daysha’s Avatar
Daysha Jun 18, 2015 1048 views

Would a associates degree help me with franchsing a business?

I have changed my mind. Instead of running my own business. I would like to franchise a business. How does that work? Will only having a associates degree be enough? #business #hair-care #franchise-leadership

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Daysha Jun 08, 2015 1056 views

Would going to college for business help with having my own hair store?

I would like to start my own hair store, but I dont think I want to have to attend college. I dont mind going, but it is not something i would like to do.. Do i necessarily Need a business education? #college #business #hair-care

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 23, 2015 866 views

What is the best school to learn how to be a barber.

The reason I am asking is because I like to fix hair and I am very interested with hair designs and I like making people look fresh!! #experienced #hair-stylist #hairdressers #hair-care #barber