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Career Questions tagged Hair Stylist

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Feb 28 62 views

Could I be a cosmetologist with Tourettic-OCD?

Can I be a cosmetologist with tics?

R’s Avatar
R Feb 02 153 views

is it hard to be a hairstylist?

Is it hard to take clients and talk to them all day and like tell them about your life and they tell you about yours?

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Thomnia Jan 30 123 views

How much money will I be making if I do hair every week, with 2 to 3 clients a day?

How much money?

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Shonmirka Jan 27 125 views

cosmetology license

how would I start to get my hair license

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jan 09 293 views

How do I figure out what career path I want to pursue?

I love to be creative in my free time by indulging in hobbies like creative journalling, painting, reading and creating videos related to reading. I am in grade 12 and am deciding on taking a gap year after graduation to save money and better figure out my future goals. But I often find myself...

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Dec 13, 2022 100 views

I do not know if cosmetology is what I want to do. How do I know if this is the right career?

Some of my favorite hobbies are drawing, painting, anything art related. I also enjoy doing people's hair.

Jontavia’s Avatar
Jontavia Nov 03, 2022 104 views

What are the challenging things of being a Celebrity Hairstylist/Mentor?

What is some advice to have a 6 figure luxury Hairstylist lifestyle & what "steps" should I take if I wanted to start now?

EvaMarie’s Avatar
EvaMarie Oct 04, 2022 130 views

how do i find the right cosmetology school?

Ive been thinking about what school to go to but now im not quite sure

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Oct 04, 2022 175 views

How do I start a career in modeling?

What are the best agencies to get into modeling, how can I even become a model, when is the right age and mindset to become a model, and who should I go to for modeling.

Yesenia’s Avatar
Yesenia Sep 26, 2022 150 views

Will my cosmetology degree be enough to have a stable life?

How much do I need to make my own beauty salon?

Markeonna’s Avatar
Markeonna Sep 26, 2022 128 views

How should price your work if you're a cosmetologist?

What is a reasonable price? Does it depends on the style?

Ari'Aunna’s Avatar
Ari'Aunna Sep 13, 2022 149 views

How do you become a cosmetologist?

what schools would be good

Kinslee’s Avatar
Kinslee Aug 23, 2022 292 views

How many years does cosmetology school take?

What is the daily schedule like for cosmetology

Taryn Rainn’s Avatar
Taryn Rainn Jul 20, 2022 160 views

How to build my Clientele as a Hairsy

I want to further my business in a shop of my own one day but i dont have a consistent amount of clients

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney Jun 10, 2022 208 views

How can I obtain my cosmetology license?

I would like to become a cosmetologist in the NYC area and own a chain of salons eventually branching out to other states.

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 04, 2022 202 views

Is it hard going to beauty school and trying to work with different types of hair

I want to know its gonna be hard working with different types of hair since I only know how to handle and deal with my hair

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Apr 13, 2021 221 views

how much do you getpay on engineering?

that I give my best on everything> #hair-stylist

Christell’s Avatar
Christell Feb 26, 2021 321 views

is cosmetology wider than skin and hair ?

#hair-stylist #cosmetology #cosmetics

semetria’s Avatar
semetria Nov 13, 2020 316 views

how much do hairstylist earn per year .

I love doing hair .im very good at braiding and doing makeup . #makeup #cosmetics #hair-stylist

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 23, 2020 313 views

What do you find being the hardest task as a cosmetologist?

I am a 10th grader and i am beginning to look into my future as a cosmetologist, What do you find being the hardest thing to do as a cosmetologist?
#cosmetology #hair-stylist #HairNailsandMakeup

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Quaterya Oct 02, 2020 344 views

After finishing my education i plan to go to college, and become a Hair Stylist, and build my own company.

I'm a sophomore. Looking for more important information to become a hairstylist , and how many years of college do i have t complete to reach my goal .#hair-stylist #cosmetology #beauty-industry

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 17, 2020 335 views

What's it like being a hairstylist?

#hair-stylist #cosmetology

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 17, 2020 340 views

How do you decide how to style the hair of a client who's indecisive?

#cosmetology #hair-stylist

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Val Mar 21, 2018 557 views

Is having a strong work ethic and be very skilled at time management: would that guarantee me a successful career in cosmetology?

#cosmetology #future #skills #strengths #hair-stylist #hairdressers #makeup-artist #makeup #career

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Dayonna Jan 15, 2018 879 views

What is a normal day in the life of a hairstylist

#Hairstylist #hair-stylist #hair #beauty-industry

Arlenna ’s Avatar
Arlenna Feb 18, 2017 607 views

What is the average number of years to go to college to become a beautician?

I would like to know how many years I will have to study and train before actually starting the job. #hair-stylist

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Feb 15, 2017 715 views

What aresome good colleges which have complementary majors/minors in both fashion design and cosmetology?

In North Carolina I was wondering what colleges are best for these fields. #college #fashion #cosmetology #makeup #cosmetics #hair-stylist #clothing-design

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Feb 15, 2017 863 views

How do the apparel and the hair/makeup of a fashion show work yogethrr to craft a specific aesthetic?

I want to pursue a career in either Apparel Design or Cosmetology, and I would like to know how the two can correspond with each other. #cosmetology #makeup #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-shows #hair-stylist #clothing-design

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 614 views

Do you prefer quiet or chatty clients as a hairdresser?

I've heard some clients tell interesting stories. #hairdresser #hair #hair-care #hair-stylist

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 08, 2017 658 views

How much money do hairdressers make per day?

A hairdresser is my second choice of profession. #hair-stylist #beauty-industry #hairdressers #hair-care #beautician #hairdresser