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Career Questions tagged Aesthetics

Kimberlie’s Avatar
Kimberlie Feb 22 257 views

Aesthetic Nurses

What is the best way to get into Aesthetics Nursing once you're a Registered Nurse ?

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Lainey Jul 26, 2019 462 views

what is it like being a Paramedical Esthetician?

#aesthetics #cosmetology

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Myan Oct 20, 2016 968 views

What career would be right for me?

I am in college but is still indecisive since I'm currently doing pre-nursing but my interests are more about aesthetics in art, photography, and photo editing or something around that. As you see those things don't match up. What career would be good for me? P.S I don't want to be a graduate...

Gerardo’s Avatar
Gerardo May 24, 2016 706 views

As a future Civil Engineer, what area should civil engineers pay greater attention to, aesthetics or functionality? why?

As I prepare to transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio and get ready to finally begin taking classes with regard to my major, I wonder if aesthetics is as important as functionality is on a project. Since Civil Engineering deals with the design and maintenance of the naturally built...