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Karen Apr 20 430 views

What school would be the best option to work in the government ?

Hello, I currently got accepted to both SDSU and UCSD but don’t know what school to chose. If I got to SDSU I’ll be majoring in public administration and if I go to UCSD political science. My goal is to first become a sheriff and move my way up to the federal level. What school would be the...

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Karen Apr 23, 2023 1438 views

What can I do with a public administration major?

I’m planning on majoring in public Administration to become involved in the government does this major help with become a police officer and advancing my career?

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Karen Feb 18, 2023 1149 views

What are the best minors for a criminal justice major?

I’m currently want to minor in accounting but don’t think it’s the best fit for my major