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California, USA

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camila yesterday 30 views

Did you have any trouble getting into law?

What difficulties did you face when entering the field?

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Calvin Oct 26 306 views

When studying landscape architecture are there any recommended colleges I should be looking into?

I'm looking to do a bachelor's degree and not a lot of colleges offer it. I just wanted to make sure I get my degree from a reputed college. Did you have a lot of practical work included in the curriculum?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours 2 days ago 46 views

What are the trending topic in technology and which languages are trending??

This questions comes to us from a professional who thinks this question would help a lot of students think about their careers

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CareerVillage Office Hours 2 days ago 37 views

What types of software do you use regularly in your role as a computer scientist/engineer?

This is part our professionals series. The professional who posed this question mentioned they use Datastructure a lot to solve performance issues.

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey 1 hour ago

What are the differences between a B.A. and a B.S. in computer science? Is having a B.S. better or is the difference insignificant to employers?

Do you learn more in one, is one easier, etc.

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camila yesterday 29 views

How often do you get paid as a lawyer?

Is it when you finish a case?

camila’s Avatar
camila 2 days ago 36 views

What is your working environment like as a lawyer?

What is the culture like?

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Victoria Oct 27 257 views

What jobs do you predict will be obsolete in 10-20 years and what industry jobs do you foresee will be high in demand?

About to start college next year and need to decide my major. I'm leaning towards STEM but am a tad intimidated. Is it really any less work/ more challenging than humanities?

Zulema’s Avatar
Zulema 3 hours ago 9 views

What is a good start to becoming an ultrasound tech?

Any feedback is great and how to also get into that field.

camila’s Avatar
camila 2 days ago 46 views

How much does the training/education cost to become a lawyer?

Is it expensive?

Yareli’s Avatar
Yareli Oct 20 296 views

What is the difference between a physical therapist, physical therapist assistant and physical therapist technician?

I am looking forward to going into physical therapy school but I am not sure what of these three I want to be. Mostly because I don't know what each one is.

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Yuridia 8 hours ago 19 views

What did you do to prepare for this career?

What college did you go to?

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joshua 6 hours ago 23 views

any tips on becoming a construction worker?

Like what does the day look like?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours 2 days ago 27 views

What computer science applications do you work on? What type of software/program do you write in your current role?

This is part of our professionals series

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camila yesterday 34 views

Did you do any jobs during college and university related to your career?

question for lawyers

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 23 74 views

Did you have motivation to become a veterinarian ?

Was actually becoming a veterinarian something you wanted to do?

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 23 52 views

Do you recommend me becoming a veterinarian ?

Is being a veterinarian an enjoyable job all the time or are there still hardships?

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 23 61 views

Did you enjoy the journey to becoming a veterinarian?

Was the steps to becoming a veterinarian sometimes enjoyable?

Yuridia’s Avatar
Yuridia 8 hours ago 9 views

What skills prepared you for this job?

For example if you need good communication with patients.

Emilio’s Avatar
Emilio 2 days ago 35 views

What is the process of becoming a U.S Marine Corps Riflemen?

What is boot camp training like and life after boot camp as a marine

David’s Avatar
David yesterday 29 views

To all lawyers i have a question?

can you guys tell me how to prepare my self for this job or how you lawyers prepared for this job ?

David’s Avatar
David 2 days ago 40 views

To any lawyer i have a two question

What made you do this this Career? and What did you do to prepare for this career?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Oct 27 231 views

What are some good companies for software engineering?

I want to know some companies that I should strive towards.

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Kailey Nov 08 200 views

what are some things I should know before deciding to become a psychologist?

question i have for an assignment.

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Dec 05 66 views

how do you feel working as an electrical construction renovation for PG&E the position is very difficult or practical?

when you finish your degree, the work becomes difficult or practical

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Nov 01 282 views

What should I expect from college courses on computer science and how should I prepare myself?

What should I expect from college courses on computer science and how should I prepare myself?

camila’s Avatar
camila yesterday 32 views

When did you start with your law career?

When and how did you start

David’s Avatar
David Nov 08 141 views

How would I be able to get my professional degree to become a pharmacists?

What are the steps I need to take? What are the requirements i need to meet? How and Where would I begin?

camila’s Avatar
camila Dec 04 63 views

What education and training helped prepare you for this job?

questions for lawyers

camila’s Avatar
camila yesterday 26 views

Why do you like being a lawyer?

Do you enjoy your work

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