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California, USA

Esly’s Avatar
Esly 7 hours ago 17 views

what is the best route to become a forensic pathologist

What is the best route in college (classes/major/involvement) to become a forensic pathologist?

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Nov 24 74 views

How do you stop thinking of failure when opening your own building ?

How, do you stop thinking of failure when having a business?

talya’s Avatar
talya Nov 22 25 views

what do you like to do?

What do you like to do?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 20 46 views

What do I do cuz I dumb

I want a job but I don’t know

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Nov 19 48 views

What should I know as someone that's wants to be a psychiatrist ?

What is like being a psychiatrist? Is it a good paying job? What college did you attend to become e a psychiatrist? Do you enjoy your job? Is your job difficult?

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Nov 18 47 views

How can I go about coding effectively ?

What are the things I need to know? What are the tools that can help learn coding easily?

Lilia’s Avatar
Lilia Nov 17 80 views

How do I reenter workforce after 9 year absence due to staying at home with children How do I update resume? What jobs should I look for? ?

Ive been home with my kids for 9 years. previously I had 5 years of experience managing a law firm(admin) and then worked in Events/Weddings. Where do I start? How do I fill in technology skills ive missed out on or job skills I might need?

chris’s Avatar
chris Nov 17 103 views

how can i stay focused on school work ?

i have trouble staying focuesd on school work

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Nov 17 94 views

I am interested in a career in pediatric SLP. I am currently a school bus driver with 10 plus years experience with Special needs children of all ages. Would I be able to count my current job towards this degree?

I am 40 years and just went back to school at a community college. I have spoken to my counselor about this career, now I am just trying to find more information about this degree.

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Nov 17 36 views

How fast can data analysis and coding be learnt?

What do I need to faster my learning of coding and data analysis?

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 30 views

What are some of the most common challenges people face in working Autobody Repair?

I would like to know the challenges people face in this profession.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 70 views

How long will the process be for becoming a pastor?

I would like to know more about becoming a pastor.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 67 views

Is there any room for growth when working in Security?

I would like to know if there is any advancement or opportunities in homeland security.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 60 views

Why do you want to work in Security?

I would like to know everybody's opinion when working in homeland security or as security guards.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 67 views

Is there any OSHA violations or safety concerns I should know?

I would like to work as an electrician.

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