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Taylor  B.’s Avatar
Taylor B. Sep 03, 2015 959 views

What do yo need to become a carpenter?

I am a senior in high school and building cabinets is a passion of mine. What Does it take to open up your own business? #business...


Joshua M.’s Avatar
Joshua M. Nov 02, 2020 102 views

What are the requirements to become a nurse?

I would like to know about the details about becoming a nurse as my future career. Are there any nursing colleges in the US for me that I'm can possibly sign up for?...


Izzy P.’s Avatar
Izzy P. May 03 49 views

How many years does it take to become a Certified Nurse Midwife?

My main question is how many years of schooling are required to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. I'm overwhelmed with all the research I've been doing about schooling and I just need straightforward answers. I want to do the least amount of schooling possible in order to become a CNM. I'm also...

#nursing #college #midwife

Elbe B.’s Avatar
Elbe B. Apr 15 77 views

How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. #teacher #educators #theatre #students...


David  O.’s Avatar
David O. Mar 14, 2016 816 views

What types of investment management are there exactly?

Are there different types? I'm just trying to understand what kinds of investments companies like PIMCO are managing/consulting. #finance #financial-services #investment-management...


Debora V.’s Avatar
Debora V. 2 days ago 22 views

Job ideas for artist designer?

I a self-taught Artist and recently earned a Digital Media Graphic Design AS degree. I'm 35 yrs old and I have done many jobs in my lifetime but need guidance finding careers that fit my interest, abilities, and field of study. Thanks #graphic-design #artist #graphics...


Jessica L.’s Avatar
Jessica L. Mar 26, 2018 583 views

Is it wise to try and balance school/a career and a fairly intensive hobby at the same time?

I'm passionate about art! However, I don't want to try and make it into a career. I won't go into the reasons behind that right now, but I do want to keep creating on the side and continually improving, something that's really only possible if I dedicate a lot of time and effort to it, in...

#hobbies #art #work-life-balance

Andrea L.’s Avatar
Andrea L. May 04, 2015 625 views

What do people that major in archaeology do?

I am interested in archaeology, but I am not sure what exactly do people who major in this do. Anything that you might know about this major is greatly appreciated. #college #career #careers...


Andrea L.’s Avatar
Andrea L. May 04, 2015 793 views

What kind of career positions are available for someone who majors in anthropology?

I am interested in anthropology and I wanted to discover more about it. Like what are some career positions available? What exactly can you do if you major in anthropology? #college #majors #careers...


Leah F.’s Avatar
Leah F. Jan 18, 2018 408 views

How do I start combining two majors I love into something beneficial for the public?

I am currently double majoring in dance and psychology at Cal State Fullerton. Later on I want to combine the two to become a child psychologist who incorporates dance into the therapy of children. I don't know where to start and I am hopeful someone will give me some ideas. Thank you :)...

#therapy #psychology #questionsaboutlife #career-goals #dance

Isabella J.’s Avatar
Isabella J. Dec 10, 2018 246 views

What colleges provide cultural theology as a major?

I've always liked learning about history but my biggest interest is learning more about many of the religions around the world and I would like to know what colleges I can attend in the future that would provide the major that I'm interested in. #college-major #culturaltheology...


James M.’s Avatar
James M. Mar 23, 2015 979 views

if you dont make it to the Leauge what is the best thing for you to do?

I want to play basketball as long as possible even if I don't make it to the NBA I still want to continue to play basketball and continue to grow as a player #basketball #athlete...


Vicente C.’s Avatar
Vicente C. Mar 21, 2015 899 views

What are the steps to create a good personal statement?

So, I know how important personal essays are in college applications. But, I am unsure on how to make a good personal statement. I've heard people say that to make a personal statement stand out, you just write about yourself. Is there other things colleges want to see in a personal statement?...

#college-applications #resume #human-resources #college #personal-objective #personal-statements

Tadeo V.’s Avatar
Tadeo V. Mar 05, 2017 550 views

How important is being flexible to possible changes?

Life changes all the time, whether we like it or not. How important is it to be able to break the plan we have and let life run its course so that we can pursue our goals with more focus or in a different manner? #theatre #flexibility...


Zeenat A.’s Avatar
Zeenat A. Apr 29 24 views

What is the best schooling to become a plastic surgen?

Id like to become a plastic surgeon and major in biology...


Clifford Khent C.’s Avatar
Clifford Khent C. Mar 09, 2018 385 views

If I want to become a BCaBA or a BCBA, what steps would I need to take?

I currently work as a Behavioral Interventionist. Recently, I've grown an interest on maybe pursuing my graduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis. What's the process to become a BCBA? How do you make your way up, etc? Thanks! #boardcertified #psychology #aba...


Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Feb 10, 2018 850 views

Tips for surviving bad classes and/or horrible teachers?

I'm open to answers from both fellow students and former students for this question! I'm currently taking a literature class, and I absolutely love it, but that's in regards to all the novels on our reading syllabus being outstanding reads and my own innate passion for literature. When it comes...

#survival #surviving-high-school #book #english #academic-english #reading #writing #help #class #essays #novels #bad-teachers #novel #student-advice #english-literature #literature #tips #high-school-classes #books #essay #advice #student #classes #bad-classes

Matthew H.’s Avatar
Matthew H. Oct 30, 2020 98 views

What did it take for you to get where you are now?

I am interested in becoming a lighting designer within the entertainment industry for things such as, concerts, television, tours, movies, and any other miscellaneous corporate events come my way. For the past couple years I have been able to learn some of grandMA2 by playing around with it and...

#grandma2 #lighting #concert #production #design #live #entertainment

Jannel W.’s Avatar
Jannel W. Mar 16, 2018 218 views

Teaching Credential Advantages

What type of volunteer or experience should students have to help them get into teaching credential programs?...


Belen B.’s Avatar
Belen B. May 18, 2016 479 views

Does a person stop taking required classes after their sophomore year in college?

I was wondering if college allows you to explore classes within your degree field or is it just required classes you need to take. #college #career-choice #classes #requirements...


Kelly T.’s Avatar
Kelly T. May 03, 2019 156 views

How can I use my resources better.

How and other ideas....


Angelica F.’s Avatar
Angelica F. Mar 10 142 views

Medical School req

I'm currently 3rd-year human biology and minor in psychology My goal is to go to medical school but my GPA isn't the best. I'm planning to take the MCAT next summer however, I'm told by my school advisor that I got no choice but to change my career plan because medicine isn't for me. I was...

#medicine #school #medschool #physician

Albert P.’s Avatar
Albert P. Mar 26, 2018 588 views

What is the difference between data science and machine learning?

I've been looking into data science careers, and I know that it is closely related with machine learning and big data. I'm confused as to what the difference between data science and machine learning is, and also how big data plays in a part in both fields. What exactly is data science and...

#data-visualization #computer-science #data-science #data #computer-software #big-data #data-mining #data-analysis #machine-learning

Cam R.’s Avatar
Cam R. May 02, 2019 392 views

How do I figure out if my major is the correct one?

As in, if you don't know what major you will do, how do you know if the one you choose is the right one?...


Izbella H.’s Avatar
Izbella H. Oct 27, 2020 161 views

What internships could a junior preparing to be a lawyer get?

As someone who wants to be a lawyer I want to find ways in which I can better prepare myself this can even be in internships. I am still underage but I would love to have the opportunity to be in an environment that is specifically about law, so if there are any internships that can be offered...

#law-school #internships #lawyer

Ariel N.’s Avatar
Ariel N. Jan 16, 2018 434 views

What are the defining factors colleges look for when applying to college?

When looking at colleges, they show the GPA and SAT scores that are required and that’s all. Some will say they look for how involved you are in school and your community. I just want a clear statement of what most colleges want to see from me. #applying #requirements-management #college...

#gpa #college-admissions #sat

John L.’s Avatar
John L. Dec 07, 2020 142 views

What are some good universities in Canada?

Hello, my friend and I have been thinking about going to Canada after we graduate from high school. For international students, what are some good universities in Canada that offer good medical and business courses? #nursing-school #high-school #business #canada #university #college #business...

#hospitality #finances #doctor

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