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Michelle S.’s Avatar
Michelle S. Jul 11 161 views

What are some tips for starting a career in animation?

What skills, knowledge, and background must I have? #animation #art...


Chyna G.’s Avatar
Chyna G. May 18, 2016 454 views

How common is it to find a job as an anesthesiologist?

I would love to hear someone perspective on this field because I would love to one day become an anesthesiologist! #doctor #anesthesiologist #field #hospital-and-health-care #science...


Lam L.’s Avatar
Lam L. Oct 28, 2016 529 views

What are some mistakes that engineers make in their early careers?

I want to know what to look out for when I start working....


Chyna G.’s Avatar
Chyna G. May 18, 2016 413 views
Sarah E.’s Avatar
Sarah E. Sep 20 59 views
Vera L.’s Avatar
Vera L. May 10, 2017 1953 views

Is it possible to become a psychiatrist if my BA is in psychology?

Can I go on to become a psychiatrist if my undergraduate major is psychology? How many extra chemistry/STEM classes will I have to take in order to qualify for medical school? #medicine #psychology #graduate-school #college-bound #human-resources #college-jobs #changing-careers...


Abby C.’s Avatar
Abby C. Sep 09 134 views

Should I become a lawyer and how do I do it?

I am in the eleventh grade and I have always wanted to become a lawyer. My aunt is one and we always talk about how interesting it is. I have done some research and I think I want to work as a legal counsel for corporate or as a public defender, leaning more towards legal counsel due to the...

#generalcounsel #lawyer #corporatelawyer #lawyers #corporate-lawyer #school #criminology #inhousecounsel #law-school #politicalscience #law #associate-lawyer

celeste G.’s Avatar
celeste G. Oct 28, 2016 381 views

Does financial aid cover med school?

We only recieve financial aid for six years, if I finish the prerequiste classes for pre med in four years and i get into med school and I will have two years left over in financial aid. I do not know if I can use them for med school or not. #financial-aid #financial-planning #college...

#medical-school #healthcare #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

robert C.’s Avatar
robert C. Jul 25, 2019 103 views
Sarah E.’s Avatar
Sarah E. Sep 20 44 views

How many fields are there in studying paediatrics

I am Sarah E. I'm in high school and I'd love to be a paediatrician cause I love kids and love to care for them . So I care to know the various fields in that area of study....


Sarah E.’s Avatar
Sarah E. Sep 20 46 views

How do I create a medical school game

I am 15 I love playing games I'm in high school And creating...


Victor M.’s Avatar
Victor M. May 25, 2016 510 views
Sarah E.’s Avatar
Sarah E. Sep 20 55 views

How long does I take to study paediatrics in America

Actually I'd feel better if I wouldn't have to spend 9 or 10 years of studying medicine . Atleast 6 years is cool...


Vanessa R.’s Avatar
Vanessa R. Sep 21, 2018 168 views
cisco C.’s Avatar
cisco C. Aug 31 74 views

What college has the best engineering classes?

Looking for colleges...


Tyler K.’s Avatar
Tyler K. Sep 01 80 views
cisco C.’s Avatar
cisco C. Aug 31 56 views

what college have hands on learning?

Want to know...


Tim L.’s Avatar
Tim L. Aug 27, 2018 199 views

Is a chemical engineer degree good to go into pharmaceutical engineering?

I am thinking about going into making pharmaceutical, and I was wondering if chemical engineering would be the right degree to get....


Ivy E.’s Avatar
Ivy E. Jun 27, 2016 727 views

What exactly do people involved in international business do?

I'm an upcoming senior in high school and I'm trying to explore different fields of study to determine which one I'm more interested in. Recently I took a Financial Occupations course and I became interested in business specifically international business. Now I'm just wondering what exactly...

#business #investing #financing #international-business #international

Vanessa R.’s Avatar
Vanessa R. Sep 21, 2018 216 views
Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Aug 10 94 views

Are there any medical related online opportunities for teens in high school to do during the pandemic? Future thanks for the help!

I am currently a junior and I do not have much medical-related volunteer experience so any bit of advice will help. Thanks again. #high-school #help #futureanesthesiologist #anesthesiologist #experience #thanks #medicalfield...


christopher X.’s Avatar
christopher X. Nov 27, 2019 164 views
Elaine M.’s Avatar
Elaine M. Oct 21, 2019 130 views
Tywaun W.’s Avatar
Tywaun W. Aug 29, 2019 164 views
Megan M.’s Avatar
Megan M. Jun 24 121 views

What are the best paying careers in the bio-chemistry/molecular biology career field?

I have heard that it is difficult to find a well-paying job in these fields and I am contemplating taking on a major similar to this in college. #biology #chemistry #molecular-biology #biochemistry...


Hazel C.’s Avatar
Hazel C. Jan 17, 2018 311 views

What tips do you recommend for someone who has trouble finding a study method that works for them

I have trouble #studying and I need some new #study-habits that will help me get through my semester...


Megan M.’s Avatar
Megan M. Jun 24 105 views

What are the career pathways for those who are interested in chemistry and molecular biology?

I'm a rising high school junior and I am understanding career pathways in order to choose a major suited to my interests. Thank you! #chemistry #biology #molecular-biology #biochemistry...


Megan Y.’s Avatar
Megan Y. May 18, 2018 267 views

What are some ways I can keep myself sane while attending grad school and working full time?

I'm going back to grad school and planning on working full time. I know my life will be extremely busy for the next 2ish years and I live in a small town away from any big city adventures #time-management #graduate-school #working-full-time #school...


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