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How to make it in the real world?

As a teenager

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3 answers

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Doc’s Answer

LISTEN TO YOURSELF — The first step is to listen to yourself. Throughout our daily lives, there are so many distractions (work, social media, neighbors) that make it difficult to prioritize self-reflection. Rather than focusing on others, find a quiet place where you can spend some time reflecting on your life. Taking time for personal reflection will help you get more in tune with your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and your core values.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE — Once you get a better sense of who you are, you’ll better understand your goals and what makes you happy. Many people are unfulfilled in life because they’re waiting for other people to make them happy, but a key part of being true to yourself is understanding that you’re in charge of your life, including your own happiness and fulfillment. When you take responsibility for your happiness, you’re immediately more aligned with your true self.

PRIORITY YOUR NEEDS — People-pleasing—prioritizing the happiness of others in front of your own—can lead to unhappiness. In order to start living according to your true self, you need to stop being a people-pleaser and pursue your own happiness first. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean practicing selfish behaviors, it means pursuing your own goals and interests rather than pursuing the goals and interests that family members and loved ones want you to pursue.

KNOW WHEN TO LET GO — Every so often, take inventory of the things in your life that do not work for you anymore—like negative thinking, harping on personal flaws, and problematic relationships—and let these things go. Leaving things that hurt you in the past will help you grow and progress on your journey of personal growth.

Don’t let anyone write your story for you Brian
Thank you comment icon Thank You Michelle. Your ability to work with students is truly a gift. Doc Frick
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Brittany’s Answer

Absolutely, the responses above are fantastic and definitely worth your consideration! Just remember, everything that happens, happens for a reason, and it's all for your benefit. Sure, there might be moments that aren't exactly a walk in the park, but there's always a lesson to be learned. Life is like a never-ending classroom, and if you're willing to pay attention, you'll be amazed at what you can learn. You'll be surprised at how a small change in your outlook can completely transform your mood, way of thinking, and resilience in the face of adversity!
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James Constantine’s Answer

Hello Brian,

How to Make it in the Real World as a Teenager

As a teenager, navigating the transition into adulthood and figuring out how to succeed in the real world can be both exciting and daunting. Here are some steps and tips to help you make it in the real world:

1. Self-Discovery and Goal Setting:

Take the time to explore your interests, strengths, and values. Understanding yourself better can help you choose a career path that aligns with who you are.
Set clear goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term. Having a vision of what you want to achieve will give you direction and motivation.

2. Education and Skill Development:

Focus on your education and strive for academic excellence. Consider pursuing higher education or vocational training that will equip you with the skills needed for your chosen career.
Develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. These skills are valuable in any profession.

3. Networking and Building Relationships:

Build a strong network of mentors, peers, and professionals in your field of interest. Networking can open doors to opportunities, provide guidance, and offer support.
Attend career fairs, workshops, seminars, and other events where you can meet industry professionals and learn more about different career paths.

4. Gain Experience Through Internships or Part-Time Jobs:

Seek out internships or part-time jobs related to your career interests. Practical experience can enhance your resume, provide valuable insights into the industry, and help you build a professional network.
Be proactive in seeking out opportunities for hands-on learning and skill development.

5. Adaptability and Resilience:

The real world is full of challenges and uncertainties. Cultivate adaptability and resilience to navigate setbacks and failures.
Learn from your experiences, stay flexible in your approach, and remain persistent in pursuing your goals despite obstacles.

6. Continuous Learning and Growth:

Embrace a mindset of lifelong learning. Stay curious, seek new knowledge, and continuously upgrade your skills to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.
Be open to feedback, self-improvement, and personal growth as you progress in your career journey.

By following these steps and tips, you can increase your chances of success as a teenager transitioning into the real world.

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

Harvard Business Review: Known for its research-based articles on leadership, management practices, career development strategies, etc., Harvard Business Review provides valuable insights into navigating the professional world effectively.

Forbes: A reputable source for business news, Forbes offers articles on entrepreneurship, career advice, industry trends, etc., providing practical tips for success in various fields.

The Balance Careers: A trusted resource for career-related information including job searching tips, resume writing advice, interview preparation guidance, etc., The Balance Careers is helpful for individuals looking to excel in their chosen careers.