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Rabekka May 22, 2018 793 views

Does it help or hurt to take out student loans?

I am afraid that I will not have enough to pay for college and may have to take out student loans, but i often hear adults talk about the stress of student loans and how long they take to pay off. Should I take as many student loans as i need and worry about paying them off later, or be...

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Brian Apr 14 402 views

How to make it in the real world?

As a teenager

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Lorenz Apr 15 407 views

How do you stay cordial with a client that gets emotional?

As a Secretary or Administrative Assistant, customers and clients come to you as the face of the company and can be emotional. How do you deal with them? How do you calm them down?

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jada Apr 17 180 views

how can i be successful with this kind of mindset?

im in 9th grade and i have many hobbies and passions that i could turn into carrers but im stuck between alot of them. what advice would you give to someone whos looking to follow passion also make money ?

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Summer Apr 18 627 views

How could I possibly shadow or contribute to my mentoring?

I have found a mentor that is a professor and a social worker with her own practice. When we first met we discussed things I could do, such as research and just asking questions in general, one of her suggestions was to shadow, but we were both concerned about the ethical dilemmas that would...

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Adam Aug 24, 2023 341 views

How do i become a navy pilot

I want to become a navy pilot and then an astronaut

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Cailyn Aug 24, 2023 474 views

How do i become a real estate agent?

How do i become a real estate agent?

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Aug 24, 2023 1328 views

How do I know what scholarships to apply for in college?

Im a Senior in highschool, I want to start applying for scholarships for my college year but Im not quite sure where to start or what to apply for. I want to major in Animal science in College, is there any specific scholarships I should apply for?

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CAYDEN Aug 24, 2023 509 views

how do you get easy Money

how do you get easy money?

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Tamara Aug 24, 2023 928 views

What type of scholarships should I look at Since I want to be a veterinarian?

If someone wants to be a veterinarian I think they should go to NC State.