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Career Questions tagged Credit

Grace K.’s Avatar
Grace K. Jul 17, 2020 205 views

What's some thing I should be aware and tips for having a credit card?

I'm a student, and I found that when I apply to certain universities or workshops it requires a credit card to apply. Since credit and loans are a fairly new topic for me, what are some things I should look out for and what are the benefits? student...


Janelle H.’s Avatar
Janelle H. Jul 26, 2018 403 views

Can my credit score actually affect my getting hired for a job?

How does my credit score affect me in the professional world?...


Angel S.’s Avatar
Angel S. Jul 11, 2018 320 views

Credit and how it determines job acceptance

Recently, a guest speaker came into our university today to talk about the process that he took to enter a police academy. Apparently one of the major factors that contributed to him attending the police academy was his credit and how good it was. What I want to know is: Does credit play a big...

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Karisma B.’s Avatar
Karisma B. May 11, 2018 630 views

How are we supposed to build credit, without a credit score ?

Our responsibility as soon as we turn eighteen is to be independent and self sufficient. However, we’re never taught the right tools to know how to even get an apartment. How am I supposed to build my credit score, if no one trusts me enough to even begin? credit creditscore women...


Kate R.’s Avatar
Kate R. Apr 26, 2018 603 views

What do I need to learn how to do before moving out and living on my own?

I wasn't taught a whole lot at school about what living on your own entails, and now the time has come where I am becoming an adult and have started preparing for my future. I have yet to learn how credit works, as well as interests and loans. I dont know how to do my own taxes or what...

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Jasmine L.’s Avatar
Jasmine L. Apr 26, 2018 572 views

Can you build up credit without a credit card?

Im too young to apply for a credit card but I know lots of things I would need to apply for (including housing) require credit scores. Can I build a positive credit score without a credit card? credit creditscores housing...


Rebekah W.’s Avatar
Rebekah W. Apr 21, 2018 450 views

How does not having a #credit score effect one's significant #financial #decisions in life?

I've recently been viewing seminars by Dave Ramsey. He spoke of being debt free and that having a credit card is not necessary for life. However, I know that some transactions request a credit score. Also, when shopping online or traveling abroad I've always thought it was safer to have a...

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Andres R.’s Avatar
Andres R. Jan 16, 2018 571 views

What is credit and how do I build good credit?

Going into college you are confronted with lots of ways to pay for tuition, including loans. Typically, everyone is charged around the same interest for their loans because there tends to be little to no credit history among young individuals . I know that this may not be the case for any...

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Nicole Kelly O.’s Avatar
Nicole Kelly O. Dec 14, 2017 381 views

Should I be taking more science and math classes in high school if I want to be a nurse?

I've been thinking of becoming a nurse, but I have been taking a lot more English classes than Math/Science because I do quite like English and I'm scared of taking more advanced Math/Science classes since I want to understand everything since it's such a major part of the career. So I'm just...

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Karla R.’s Avatar
Karla R. Jan 15, 2017 1175 views

How do I get a credit card with no credit history?

I'm a freshman in my second semester of college and I have been looking at credit cards that will help me start a credit history. finance...


Hannah O.’s Avatar
Hannah O. Dec 06, 2016 733 views

Is it more beneficial to take more credits per semester in a shorter amount of time or less credits per semester in a longer amount of time?

As a student trying to save money on college fees while still maintaining a great GPA for my resume, I want to know whether or not I should be taking 14 or 18 credit hours per semester. I am in the Public Health Sciences Field. I want to make the most of my college experience. college health...

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Mark Z.’s Avatar
Mark Z. May 23, 2016 796 views

How is IB beneficial and how does workload compare?

Is it easy to get credit for IB? Is IB harder than college? What's different between workload in college in and IB? What did IB help you with? credit...