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How are we supposed to build credit, without a credit score ?


Our responsibility as soon as we turn eighteen is to be independent and self sufficient. However, we’re never taught the right tools to know how to even get an apartment. How am I supposed to build my credit score, if no one trusts me enough to even begin?
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4 answers

Charlotte’s Answer

Hi Karisma,

Great question and very relevant today as there are a lot of different factors that go into your credit score that you wouldn't know (many adults don't even know). Yvonne is right that a secured credit card is one way to start building your credit score. If you have a parent that is willing and able, having them cosign on a loan (car loan or apartment lease agreement for example), or credit card is another way to start building your credit. There are several credit cards/accounts that are intended to build a young person's credit - you would be an authorized cardholder with a limited spending amount. As soon as you have at least 6 months of credit history under your belt, you will qualify for other forms of credit, but definitely start small and only what you're able to pay in full. Don't be fooled into paying only the "Minimum Amount Due," as that will lead to a lot of fees and interest. Slow and steady will win the race! I like the website NerdWallet for straightforward credit advice, and here's a good article for you:


It is never too soon to start building your credit history - in today's world of PayPal and Venmo, there are limited ways to build your credit score, to the point where those in the industry are even questioning the utility of credit scores to determine if someone can pay on their loans. You will be ahead of the game if you start now by instilling some discipline in the way that you spend. Good luck!

Yvonne’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Hi Karisma,

I totally understand your situation! I was in your shoe with no credit score and I had to build my credit score from scratch after graduating college. My suggestion to start is to get a secured credit card, it usually requires a cash deposit that serves as a collateral if you miss a payment, but it could help you build credit with responsible use. If you are a student, there are many options out there that provide a chance for students to build their credit score through a student credit card. It usually comes with a lot of promotional offers and rewards too! If the credit card option is not for you, buying a car and start paying auto loans on time/getting a student loan and pay the required amount on time could also help your credit score. However, keep in mind that if you pay these loans with cash, it won't help your credit. Another option would be for your parents/spouse to make you an authorized user on their rewards credit card. You will have a chance to build your credit while they may get reward points or cash back for every dollar you spend!

I recommend doing some research on ways to build credit without a credit score online, and be sure to consider the downside of each option that I mentioned. Good luck!

Rakesh’s Answer

Building good credit score is long term process; start with secure credit card and make sure that all the payments are on time, try to keeping the credit balance low, if possible; prepay the amount before the credit invoice is generated, avoid carry forward the balance or late with payment. It will be challenging initially but will help in long run.

Brian’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia
Hi: Your first step should be to secure employment and have a steady job. once you have dont this, you can apply for a credit card and get approved. Make everyone of your payments early and never be late. This will establish you some credit. Hopefully at that point you can rent an apartment and do the same and make timely payments without being late. At this point you are on your way to establishing credit. Hopefully your next step will be securing an auto loan and a home loan. Good luck!