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Senior Credit Risk Analyst at Fannie Mae
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Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 11, 2016 1658 views

Should salaries and annual incomes be a massive factor when deciding upon a career, or should you try and do something that will make you happy?

Does money trump happiness? #financial-services #salary #financial-planning #personal-development

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Aug 01, 2018 1092 views

What are good majors for undergrad to have going into law school?

#law-school #law #pre-law #women-in-law

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 12, 2020 858 views

How do I decide what law to practice?

It's a tough decision. #law

Carissa’s Avatar
Carissa Apr 17, 2018 1165 views

How should I be preparing for the LSAT?

I want to be as prepared as possible when I take the LSAT to get into law school. What courses should I be taking and what books/resources should I be using independently? #law #law-school #legal-profession #legal-studies #lsat

Regan’s Avatar
Regan Jan 16, 2018 16108 views

Is being a lawyer fun or it is mostly like doing paperwork all the time?

My parents want me to become a lawyer, but I’m not sure. #undecided #lawyer #law #legal #legal-services

Karisma’s Avatar
Karisma May 11, 2018 1654 views

How are we supposed to build credit, without a credit score ?

Our responsibility as soon as we turn eighteen is to be independent and self sufficient. However, we’re never taught the right tools to know how to even get an apartment. How am I supposed to build my credit score, if no one trusts me enough to even begin?
#credit #creditscore #women #teach

Danica’s Avatar
Danica Mar 17, 2016 2094 views

How applicable is a psychology degree to the world of business?

I want to study psychology in college, but I also want to make sure I can get a good job with decent pay in business. Is this possible, or should I reconsider my college major? #business #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing #pyschology

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 11, 2017 1641 views

When should I start studying for the LSAT?

Interested in pursuing a career in law but currently in university. Many have told me to start studying after second year, but I'm still uncertain to when I should begin exam prep. #college #law #law-school #lsat #lsat-exam

Snazzy’s Avatar
Snazzy May 01, 2017 1128 views

Where would i go to school to start a baking career and eventually own my own bakery?

im looking into being a baker and starting a buisness #cooking-and-baking

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Apr 04, 2017 1995 views

What exactly is a Mortgage?

Hi, This question may not apply to my life currently seeing how I am a student who does not own any property or a home. But I am still curious to know what exactly a Mortgage is because I think it will be useful to understand in the future. Thanks allot! #college #finance #education #home...

Shaquanna’s Avatar
Shaquanna Mar 09, 2017 1705 views

What are the most common questions a recruiter will ask for a phone interview?

A lot of jobs I have applied for do phone screen interviews and I just want to know what is the best way to prepare for a phone screen interview. #ceos #managers #supervisors #team-leaders #recuriters

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 19, 2016 1067 views

What is the average number of children in a containment classroom?

I want to be a Special Education teacher and I know inclusion versus containment classroom sizes differ so I wanted to know what the average is. #special-education

Eleanor’s Avatar
Eleanor May 18, 2016 1403 views

What would the expected starting salary for a policy analyst (most likely for a non-profit) with a bachelors degree versus with a masters degree?

My name is Eleanor Kolasinski and I am an incoming freshman, scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016 in James Madison (a public policy college within Michigan State University) to study Social Relations & Policy with the goal of going to work for a non-profit organization. #salary #non-profit...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 16, 2016 1337 views

Can your employer see how many times you have changed your major/minor?

If an employer can see that I may have been undesicive in college, I am worried it may hurt my chances of landing the job. #college #major #majors-and-minors #employer-relations

Trevion’s Avatar
Trevion May 15, 2016 1223 views

Is it difficult to complete a double major in college?

I'm asking this question because I plan on majoring in the agriculture field as well as education. #college