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Danica P. Mar 17, 2016 1462 views

How applicable is a psychology degree to the world of business?

I want to study psychology in college, but I also want to make sure I can get a good job with decent pay in business. Is this possible, or should I reconsider my college major? #business #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing...


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kyra L. May 06, 2016 444 views

What do I need to major in psychology?

I am interested in eiher majoring or minoring in psychology....


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Rebecca M. May 09, 2016 749 views

When is the best time to start studying for the LSAT?

I am an incoming college freshman who wants to become a lawyer and I feel like it's always best to be as prepared as possible. #law #lawyer #studying-tips...


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Gillian L. May 10, 2016 719 views

If I am going to a college with bigger class sizes, how should I talk to my professor about having more one on one help without feeling scared or awkward?

I am attending Plymouth State University, and although they don't generally have the bigger class sizes, I am afraid of feeling awkward about asking for more help especially in more elaborate classes like criminal justice. #professor #college-student...


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Britny L. May 10, 2016 693 views

How do I choose between colleges?

I have a few different options and I've considered all the usual things like location and academics. But what else can I use to narrow down my search for the perfect college?...


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Nicholas C. May 11, 2016 1174 views

What major do you suggest going into in the Business field?

I am going to go to college for business when I graduate, and plan on attending Northwood University, in Midland Michigan. #business...


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Brilynn W. May 11, 2016 684 views

Would a study aboard be beneficially to someone majoring in psychology?

I really would like to study aboard when I go into college because I have always wanted to travel, and I believe it would be a good opportunity to experience new cultures and receive new perspectives on things. However I am not sure of the benefits of study aboard opportunities and if they are...

#college #study-abroad #psychology #studying-tips

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Maggie C. May 12, 2016 939 views

What is the difference in having volunteer work or paid job experience - besides the factor of money - in applying for a non-temporary job/career-related job?

I am debating whether to volunteer frequently, which would be easier to do over the summer before I go off to school, or to apply for jobs in my area, which I will have to quit before I leave. #career #resume #volunteering #college-jobs #employment #volunteer...


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Julie Y. May 13, 2016 949 views

Who/what do you think truly decides where you go to college?

Most people claim their decision to enroll in a certain college was completely their own. But is this accurate? How much of an influence do you think counselors, family members, friends, and/or money have in their decision? Are there other factors that may indirectly influence their decision?...

#college #niche #decisions #higher-education

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Alexis G. May 13, 2016 617 views

What is the most efficient way to choosing what field of law to go into?

I have always been resolute in my desire to become a lawyer, since I was a little girl. However, with so many fields to choose from I am conflicted about what is best for me. Does law school help narrow down the choices? Will I learn more about each field? #law...


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Nicole R. May 13, 2016 542 views

How do you manage your college debt?

I'm worried about my college debt getting very big since I need to go to med school. #doctor...


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Trevion H. May 15, 2016 813 views

Is it difficult to complete a double major in college?

I'm asking this question because I plan on majoring in the agriculture field as well as education....


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Emma F. May 16, 2016 645 views

Can your employer see how many times you have changed your major/minor?

If an employer can see that I may have been undesicive in college, I am worried it may hurt my chances of landing the job. #college #major #majors-and-minors...


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Eleanor K. May 18, 2016 827 views

What would the expected starting salary for a policy analyst (most likely for a non-profit) with a bachelors degree versus with a masters degree?

My name is Eleanor Kolasinski and I am an incoming freshman, scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016 in James Madison (a public policy college within Michigan State University) to study Social Relations & Policy with the goal of going to work for a non-profit organization. #salary...

#financial-planning #public-policy #non-profit