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Brandon May 24, 2017 1180 views

If I study business strategy, what sort of jobs would I be aiming to go into at the end of my studies?

Commerce is a broad program, and strategy seems to be one niche that appeals to me, but I don't know what careers can be led after studying in such a program. #undergraduate #strategy #commerce #career-path-planning #career-details

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Brandon May 11, 2017 1643 views

When should I start studying for the LSAT?

Interested in pursuing a career in law but currently in university. Many have told me to start studying after second year, but I'm still uncertain to when I should begin exam prep. #college #law #law-school #lsat #lsat-exam

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Brandon May 10, 2017 1305 views

I want to become a lawyer, what program should I study in university?

Interested in pursuing law as a career, but there are so many options to study under in university. Should I just choose whatever program is most "GPA-friendly" or risk a slightly lower GPA for a program I'm genuinely interested in? #law #undergraduate #career-details #personal-development