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Chandni D.’s Avatar
Chandni D. Oct 11, 2017 725 views

How is Supply Chain as a domain ?

This question is for all the Supply Chain Professionals. How do you find this domain in terms of job prospects ? How did you get certified and gained work experience in this field ? Please share your experiences and any insights you can offer. Thanks. #supply-chain #logistics...

#supply-chain-management #logistics-and-supply-chain

Sneha S.’s Avatar
Sneha S. May 10 179 views

Hi. I would like to know what are the technologies/languages I should learn to become a full stack developer?

I am a software engineering student with knowledge in languages such as java, python and C#. I have worked with Sql server and mongodB. #technology #programming #software #computer-software...


Ze Y.’s Avatar
Ze Y. Mar 04 132 views

What three habits will improve your life?

#psychology Uoft Life sciences majoring in Biology and Psychology. #science #biology #doctor...


Sneha S.’s Avatar
Sneha S. May 11 189 views

Are internships or coops really important to get a job in software field?

Due to covid-19, I haven't secured a #co-op or #internship yet. I am a college student and I do not have any previous experience. Will this affect my #job-search after I graduate? If yes, do you have any #suggestions on what I can do to improve the chance of getting a #job? #software...

#technology #it #developer

katerina B.’s Avatar
katerina B. May 18 105 views

How many weeks is this internship?

I am a second year university student who is interested in public health and health policy management. I am looking for opportunities where I can gain transferable job skills and create lasting relationships. #internship #healthcare...


Lera K.’s Avatar
Lera K. May 04, 2016 724 views

Tips for writing a good resume?

Just looking for advice on this topic, list of do's and don'ts etc. #job-search...


Jiwanjot K.’s Avatar
Jiwanjot K. May 05 351 views

For a banking job what kind of course required?

I am a student and enrol in business diploma. #student #business #finance...


Tsion K.’s Avatar
Tsion K. Apr 22 98 views

What advice would you give to a first year undergrad student in health sciences who wants to purse medical school in the near future ?

This advice could be in terms of school and also personal things that we should fulfill like volunteering and internships that would help me best with pursuing #healthcare #college #medical #doctor #medicine my...

Nathan D.’s Avatar
Nathan D. Mar 22 188 views

What careers blend my passion for business and my love for sports ?

I am a grade 11 student. I am an actor with leading and supporting roles on my resume. I’ve done theatre, short film and television series. I love basketball and the raptors. I’m very interested in business and investments. #consulting #sports-management #business...


kazim H.’s Avatar
kazim H. Jun 13 344 views

i need help finding my passion and building a strong foundational skills

I am a wildly curious person about life as we all are but I think that one of the things that I am lacking is that I have no passion and that I don't have an interest. I also feel that I lack a strong foundation and I have no foundation when it comes to anything and I am not good at anything....


rana M.’s Avatar
rana M. May 14 290 views

How do I get volunteer experience to find a job in business management?

I am in college studying business management. I am looking for job but because of less work experience I can not get job. Now I am looking for volunteer opportunities to get me some experience. #business #management #business-management...


jasmine A.’s Avatar
jasmine A. May 15 120 views

How can I learn to make a lot of money as a 16 year old that doesn't have a specific passion?

How do I skip all the bs (university, Amazon affiliates etc)and get straight into the nitty gritty of money making (as a 16 y/o)...


Rupinder K.’s Avatar
Rupinder K. Apr 23 91 views

Can I volunteer because I I have dine my studies ?

#volunteer # personal support worker # passionate...


Aadhar M.’s Avatar
Aadhar M. Apr 24 158 views
Jersey S.’s Avatar
Jersey S. Feb 20 155 views

What should I do to get into the graphic design world?

I'm a student in 11th grade and I was wondering what skills should I improve on, certificates to get into, or any tasks I should do to increase my chances in getting into the graphic design world? Also, what should I include in my portfolio? #graphic-design #art #design...


Ze Y.’s Avatar
Ze Y. Mar 04 137 views
Kelly W.’s Avatar
Kelly W. Jun 02 178 views

How to ask for references?

I've been applying for volunteer and job positions for the summers and ALL of them require references and past employers. Although I have a strong list of teachers and a few past employers, my list is pretty short. (All my positions were long term, I have more quality than quantity) I feel bad...

#job #resume #references #application

Hope M.’s Avatar
Hope M. Mar 28 193 views

How do you find what you want to do?

I am finding I enjoy some of my classes but don't know if they will lead me to a job that I will enjoy. #college...


Ze Y.’s Avatar
Ze Y. Mar 04 89 views
Ze Y.’s Avatar
Ze Y. Mar 04 126 views

What social stigma does society need to get over?

Biology and psychology major #psychology #biology #science...


jasmine A.’s Avatar
jasmine A. May 15 202 views

How can I learn to make a lot of money?

I'm a pretty driven person and I love to give myself a good challenge however I want to skip all the bs and get straight into the nitty gritty of money making (university, Amazon affiliates etc) how's the best way to learn? #money...


Natalie P.’s Avatar
Natalie P. May 22 141 views

What should we spend our time in quarantine on?

Read books. Improve your profile in LinkedIn. Talk to family. Study. #effective...


Nivethitha G.’s Avatar
Nivethitha G. May 16 70 views
Patricia B.’s Avatar
Patricia B. Apr 12 67 views

What are good programs to take in university for becoming a pediatrician?

I am taking a year off to upgrade some of my courses. In addition to that, I did not take physics in grade 11 or 12 so I will need to take physics during my gap year....


Arshdeep K.’s Avatar
Arshdeep K. May 06 102 views

What type of online work is this?

I am a computer engineer currently pursuing advanced diploma in Computer Systems networking technology at Centennial College. I am finding it really hard to get a job related to my field. For even the smallest positions they ask for years of experience which I do not have and I do not know what...

#computer #computer-science

Diljot S.’s Avatar
Diljot S. Mar 07, 2017 403 views

French all 4 years?

Is it good to take french all 4 years in highschool...


Erika W.’s Avatar
Erika W. Mar 06, 2018 230 views

Any American universities or programs that do not require taking the SAT?

I am a Canadian high school student interested in applying for school in America. My biggest concern right now is the SAT. #university #architecture #art #sat...


Ze Y.’s Avatar
Ze Y. Mar 04 136 views

How do you find your passion?

I am a Biology & Psychology major at the university of Toronto, I hope to further my studies and pursue nursing the future. #nursing #psychology #major...


Kelly W.’s Avatar
Kelly W. May 04 87 views

How to stand out as a newly highschool graduate?

I recently graduated from high school. I plan to find a relevant internship this summer before University gets really busy. However, I find it very hard to find a program that takes graduating high school students because the lack of experience. What should I do?...


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