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Rhianna Dec 22, 2023 282 views

Is it true that Psych NP's aren't really recognized in Canada?

I am a canadian high school student going into nursing, and I really would like to become a psych nurse practitioner and felt I resonated with this career path. However I have come to the realization that Canada , or ontario at least doesnt really recoognize psych nps as a specialty, and only...

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Rhianna Jul 08, 2023 214 views

What is the stress levels of any obsetric nurses?

I am highly interested in pursuing a career in Nicu nursing or L& D nursing, what is the stress level like and would you say its overall worth it ( dothe cons outweigh the pros)?

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Rhianna Apr 11, 2023 230 views

What is It like being an International Travel Nurse?

How do you get into this field? Can you practice any nursing specialty and go into this field? Competitiveness and average job salary? Any other general advice?

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Rhianna Apr 11, 2023 298 views

What is the pathway to becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist?

General advice for getting into these careers? What does it take to get into them? What type of person do you need to be? Job satisfaction?

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Rhianna Apr 11, 2023 318 views

How do you become a Forensic nurse?

I am highly interested in the field of forensic nursing but don't feel like there is much information on ir. What do the jobs of Sexual Assault Examiners, and Forensic Nurse Death Investigators entail? Can you be a Forensic Nurse practitioner? And what does it really take to enter this field?

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Rhianna Mar 05, 2023 303 views

What is any advice for becoming a Speech-language pathologist in Ontario?

What should I major in for undergrad that can also be a good degree on its own? What is this subject like? What are the Pros and Cons of this profession? What are some entry-level job salaries?